Pact Prolific ‘A Closer Look’ (Album Review) @pact_prolific @lostalliance @parkstreetpr


Pact Prolific might be a relatively unknown name in hip-hop but that might be about to change as this Wolverhampton artist has just unleashed something rather special. As a one half of the rap/production outfit that is Lost Alliance, there is no doubting that music is something that seems to come natural to them. Opting more for a Boom Bap sound over the current trends of trap and dubstep-esque, ‘A Closer Look’ is anything but mainstream with cleverly and intelligently written lyrics. There’s some killer tracks on this long player but on the whole it’s something that should be consumed in one go rather than cherry-picking certain songs. I’m not too sure on the exact release date but I know it drops soon and will be available from

Pact Prolific (Lost Alliance) – A Closer Look Promotional Freestyle #2

Pact Prolific (Lost Alliance) – A Closer Look Promotional Freestyle Video

Words: Scott Patterson

HARN SOLO, “Another Galaxy” | Reaching Higher Records @harnSOLO

Harn SOLO takes on “Another Galaxy” and recruits New Orleans producers Prospek, Billy Topps, DJ Yamin and Fig 8 to create an innovative sound without boundaries.The artist’s progressive approach to music is balanced by DJ Yamin’s fundamental scratching techniques; giving the project an edgy, yet familiar style.The Greener Side of Hip Hop says, “Harn SOLO will straight up flex on you with his superior rhyme skillz AND he also doubles as The Fearless Leader of The Star Wars Lyrical Dojo – so pay attention young wordsmiths, pay attention – and enjoy!” “Even Further” video on YouTube.

So Realistic – Leftbrain (Free Album)

Arizona Hip Hop Artist, Sø RÊÅLiStiC releases LÊFtbRÅin, his debut studio album. The album features production from Apollo Brown, Frank Dukes, Oddisee, brandUn DeShay, Jansport J, oriJanus, as well as collaborations with Melanie Rutherford and AEli. Sø RÊÅLiStiC aka Reala, having opened up for, and collaborated with, One Be Lo, has also opened for Kendrick Lamar, Skeme, Fly Union, Asher Roth, Action Bronson, Oddisee, OverDoz., Elzhi and Talib Kweli. Reala is surely climbing up the list of lyricists in his state. Check out the two singles and videos “Reala (than the rest) Andolini” & “The Godfather” and grab your free copy of the album below.

TSK – Average Rapper Syndrome @Teyeskay @ParkStreetPR

‘This really is a solid must-buy release’
‘A rapper that has a certain something special’
‘The LP is strong, has a proper boom bap feel’
‘An album that has that integrity from start to finish’
‘After careful listening this album is put together in a way that is near to genius’

TSK – Average Rapper Syndrome #Album #Download

TSK Feat. Klashnekoff, Deadly Hunta & Si Phili – Life Inna (Prod by. Micall Parknsun) #Video

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Czarface (Inspectah Deck + 7L & Esoteric) – Every Villain Needs A Hero album (Brick Records)


Guests include Method Man, GZA, MF Doom, Large Professor, JuJu, RA The Rugged Man and Mayhem Lauren – Centerpiece of release is a 70-plus page CD casebook with visuals by album cover artist L’amour Supreme (Mishka NYC) plus lyrics, extensive artwork and an Esoteric-penned comic: “Death & Abduction.” Deluxe 2-LP vinyl and cassette formats also available.


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Let’s make it understood
Czarface is a hero
But he’s up to no good
– Esoteric (from “Czartacus”)

Stone Bench – Animal House #Album #Video @thestonebench @parkstreetpr

‘One of my favourite albums of the year so far’
‘High calibre raps and dense, neck-snapping production’
‘A crew out of the UK that are destined for big things’

Elmi Tha Mos’Hi, Konda & Blasfima Sinna (A.K.A Dj U-Turn) AKA Stone Bench are back with a brand new eighteen track album that is a must for all Hip-Hop and Boom Bap fans! You may remember last June they dropped the superb ‘Stone Bench’ debut album that featured J-Live, Sean Price, Rapper Big Pooh and others, if not you’ve been sleeping and now its time for you to wake up to the realness!

‘Animal House’ is already making noise on the underground with a string of solid reviews, it’s hardly surprising though when you look at the quality of the songs and who’s involved. Backed up with a selection of hard hitting but complementary beats from producers such as Boroda Beats, Sean EL, BugesBeatz & Elmi, this long player weighs in over sixty minutes with features from US legends such as Massachusetts rapper Termanology, Inspectah Deck from Wu Tang Clan, Sadat X from Brand Nubian & Edgar Allen Floe from Justus League.

This is Stone Bench, this is unadulterated Hip-Hop. Check it out… you won’t be disappointed.

Stone Bench – Knowledge Is Infinite (Prod. by Boroda Beats) #Video

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J-Merk – Wake Up (Prod. B.B.Z Darney – Cuts. DJ PhiLogic) #Review

Rapper and producer J-Merk releases his latest video “Wake Up” off his most recent LP “Born Dead”.
The full-length record has been proudly published on the Just-Us Music independent label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. It comprises approximately 40 minutes of heavy-hitting urban poetry and powerful back beats in 13 original tracks. In addition to the rhymes of J-Merk, himself, “Born Dead” also features the talents of popular Swedish producer BBZ Darney. Neck-deep in groove, socially poignant and strikingly well-written, “Born Dead” by J-Merk is sure to be remembered as one of the most important indie rap releases of 2015.

The remarkably immersive, extremely well-orchestrated music of “Born Dead” creates a kaleidoscopic backdrop against which J-Merk delivers his lines. This swirling blend of music and samples forms a large part of the undeniable draw of “Born Dead,” a record which comes out of the gate swinging and doesn’t let up. Still, it is the razor-sharp writing and seemingly perfect flow of J-Merk’s rap which truly steals the limelight.

Commenting on the themes of his new LP, J-Merk writes, “This album is conceptual. It’s about life in a modern age, an age ruled by manipulation via TV, the radio, and smart phones. People walk the streets like zombies without communicating with each other … Science failed us in a way. People are connected more than ever, yet we can’t even have conversations with people over the phone, ha ha!”

Like every other phrase painstakingly crafted to a ‘T’ on his new album, the title is also significant.
“It’s like we are all born dead now,” writes the artist, invoking the name of his record, “every day living to die. [My album’s] about being numb and living with hurt and pain and moving on. It’s about life and culture in today’s society.”

While a great many hip-hop mixtapes are dropped to which a broad variety of people do not necessarily relate, “Born Dead” speaks a message fans of any genre can understand, a record in which anybody can find personal meaning.
J-Merk writes, “Many people have been let down by our government, or by people they trust. It’s an album about being born dead in today’s society – a wasteland almost, ha ha. I make music for all the people in the world without a voice or artistic ability to express themselves. I make music for the voiceless people of our generation.”

“Born Dead” by J-Merk and feat. BBZ Darney is available online worldwide. Get in early, rap fans. The “Born Dead” LP album is currently being offered at a special price from the artist’s official Bandcamp website (link provided below).

Scott P