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North London’s Conrad Browne aka Hazzardus Conscept has been rapping since 2001. Starting out just rhyming with his friends he soon started to develop his talent and working towards perfecting his art. In late 2006 he started to hit open mics, where the UK Hip Hop scene gives birth to a lot of its artists, he quickly built up his network and reputation as a hardworking artist on a musical quest.

The album ‘Love And War’ will be the debut album from Hazzardus Conscept. The album is a sentimental release prescribing the listener a personal insight into Hazzardus Conscept’s character as a whole. The inspiration behind his material is based on his own life experiences including a spiritual encounter which had a transitional effect on his life.

The main focus of Hazzardus Conscept ‘s album is to inspire the hearts and minds of his listeners. The album will be a independent release and a long awaited chapter in his life. As a gift to his fans, Hazzardus Conscept will give away a debut Mixtape to celebrate his stand on the scene following ‘Love and War’.

The open ended concept behind Love and War leaves the perfect invitation for a second project. Hazzardus Conscept has marked his place amongst the UK Scene by featuring on the People’s Army Mixtape in 2013 and collaborating with other talented conscious artists. He has now ready to stand strong and prove his success to himself, not just others. Hazzardus Conscept’s art reflects his life taking an extreme pride to ensure that his growth both spiritually and mentally is a inspiration to others and that anyone can evolve for the greater good. He considers the lessons he has learnt a gift which he values and wants to share through his writing and music.

This is a Hip Hop artist to look out for, sharing his music to his fans with the greatest intentions. Hazzardus Conscept is the new man on the scene.

Hazzardus Conscept – S.O.S. #Video

Hazzardus Conscept Feat. Filfy – Pen And Sword #Video

Hazzardus Conscept – I Speak The Truth #Video

Hazzardus Conscept – Turn Back Time #Video

Hazzardus Conscept – Love & War (Track-list):
01 – Reverse the Spell
02 – Speak the Truth
03 – Unfinished Buisiness
04 – Life’s a Bitch
05 – I Lust You
06 – Purpose of Life
07 – Can’t Turn Back Time
08 – Walk in My Shoes (feat. Kingpin)
09 – C U Cry
10 – Tears of a Clown
11 – Tough Love
12 – S.O.S.
13 – Pen & Sword (feat. Filfy)
14 – A Lot Can Happen in a Flash
15 – Mental Martial Arts (feat. Tenchoo)
16 – Face of Adversity
17 – Scapegoat

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Gee Bag – Show & Tell (Prod. by @DownstrokeBeats) Review & Videos @GeeBagular @ParkStreetPR

Gee Bag - Show & Tell - 500

UK Hip-Hop fans can be fickle sometimes, they never seem happy and apart from a few of the ‘older’ acts, its real hard for newer emcees to have a long career. Geebag is one emcee that seems to have been around for a while but survived well, probably due to his music having a shelf life longer than a week! Okay, being honest he isn’t the most consistent artist in the UK, but sometimes quality over quantity is a good thing.

Geebag with his distinct Lahndahn swagger, is very musical likable, he’s more of a geezer you’d meet down the pub or maybe in the bookies. His humble and down to earth approach makes it quite easily relatable, and the fact his can bar better than most emcee’s and comes up with great concepts is also a main factor to my love of this long player. Its a solid Great British banger and something you need to download now.

Gee Bag – Show & Tell (Prod. by Downstroke Beats) Track-list:

01. Show And Tell (Intro) 02:51
02. Easy 03:52
03. Let It Be 04:35
04. Rock On 02:25
05. Toast of the Cronx Feat. Oliver Sudden & Big Toast 03:12
06. Overload 04:14
07. Stun Gun Feat. Tenchoo 05:04
08. Battersea Bridge 01:43
09. Feel Free 03:45
10. Lyrical Digest 02:46
11. Gee Baggy 04:18
12. White Boys 03:54
13. Two To The Three 03:02
14. Stones Throw 04:18

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Gee Bag – Lyrical Digest #Video

Gee Bag – Stones Throw #Video

Gee Bag – Rock On #Video

Big Ribzy ‘Blunts & Insecurities’ Produced by Lost Alliance (Album Review) @BigRibzy @LostAlliance @ParkStreetPR

Big Ribzy - Blunts & Insecurities - front500

Big Ribzy - Blunts & Insecurities - gback500

Fresh off the release of the underground mixtape and rather successful ‘King Size Blues’ with UK Runnings, Midlands’s rapper Big Ribzy starts off his promo campaign for his new ten track album ‘Blunts & Insecurities’. Produced by Lost Alliance, who you maybe remember from their own album ‘Life Cycle’, the album is a must for fans of real Hip-Hop music.

Longevity and consistency in the rap game is something that all artists strive for and this new album represents the classic boom-bap sound that has been evident in the genre since 1991. One of the album’s choicest cuts is “Petrified,” clearly reminiscent of the raw ’90s sound first pioneered by the likes of J Dilla, Q-Tip, Large Professor and Pete Rock.

The album also touches an emotional chord and the affect it has on families and children, as well as more uplifting tracks giving the album depth and excitement. The album, which is out now on his Bandcamp page, is a true testament to UK Hip-Hop and is one of my releases of the month. What a true underground gem I’ve stumbled across.

Review by Scott Patterson

Funkghost – Caviar Taste | Album

Grand Extravagant Entertainment released the full length LP by Funkghost entitled “Caviar Taste”. The 13 Song LP is now available for digital download on all major digital outlets. Showcasing Funkghost’s witty braggadocio lyrics, slick arrangements, and deliciously plush production, “Caviar Taste”offers a mixture of Rap/Hip-Hop/Soul/Funk/R&B/Gospel/Electro/Trap reverberations. Funkghost manages to push creative boundaries while at the same time keeping it accessible and effectively delivers a smash LP.

“Calling to mind a bit of Kanye, only with less passive-aggressive megalomania, “Caviar Taste” is smart, fun, accessible, original, quirky, and possessed of an irresistible melodic structure. It’s got biting cred, ass-shaking grooves, but is also the kind of idiosyncratic thing fans of recent envelope-pushing peers like Pharrell, and the aforementioned Luis Vuitton Don will take to immediately” – Colin Kincaid – REAX Magazine

“Caviar Taste” boasts a wide range of musical influences ranging from French electronic music Duo Daft Punk, Japanese vocal/Hip-hop/instrumental group TAMAONSEN, The late Jazz composer/pianist Weldon Irvine, Kanye West, and Marvin Gaye to name a few. “I wanted the album’s overall feel to reflect my personal tastes and opinions” insists Funkghost. The album’s subject matter explores consumer and pop culture, race, religion, relationships, and personal life assessment.

For upcoming show dates, events, and more information please visit http://www.funkghost.blogspot.com

The Hip-Hop Artist/Producer/Arranger/Songwriter known as Funkghost has remained somewhat of an enigma. A bonafide Tampa street legend, This Artist’s body of work has influenced a generation of dj’s/producers/rappers/singers from his region. In addition, the music has laid the foundation of Central Florida hip-hop.

His first album, The Cult Classic Debut LP entitled “Ultra-Boogie Highlife” remains a hard to find gem. Funkghost’s latest offering “Caviar Taste” shows his growth as a complete artist.

Compared to Kanye West, because of his multi-talented skill set, “Caviar Taste” is definitely sure to be heating up the Rap/Hip Hop/Urban/AC and Rhythmic charts. For more information on Funkghost, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Funkghost http://www.funkghost.blogspot.com

Peaky – Crazy Pupil Syndrome #Album #Videos @TheRealPeaky @AVRevolution @ParkStreetPR

Let us introduce you to Peaky, a UK rapper with a worldwide sound that is already getting a massive thumbs up from some of Hip-Hops leading bloggers and deejays. ‘Crazy Pupil Syndrome’ is a free download concept album that you need in your life. This is something refreshingly creative, original and very unique; an album that you can’t afford to sleep on.

The story within the album takes the listener on a reflective journey into a few days of Peaky’s life, set a year ago; addicted to weed, reclusive, and disorganized. Now in a very different place, with so many things popping off for Peaky, this is a project that any discerning fan of real music will respect and love.

Musically, this album lends itself to some awesomely soulful, jazzy and funky vibrations with a 90’s golden era Boom Bap style. There are also more experimental and chilled tracks, which balance the more aggressive trap style tracks well. It’s diverse in its approach but has a very defining sound throughout, with an array of music videos already out virally.

Born and raised in Ladbroke Grove, West London, England, Peaky started writing and producing at the age of fifteen, just after winning a Bursary Scholarship to Charterhouse Boarding School at age the age of thirteen. Being educated there gave Peaky a broad perspective on either end of the economic spectrum which can be seen in the way he delivers and writes songs.

Peaky is also part of the collective known as FRWRDthnkrs which he runs with experimental, electronic Hip-Hop producer HAWF who produced the ‘Advent’ project where together they released one track a day for the 25 days of December up to Christmas, at the end of 2013. Earlier this year Peaky did an independent tour of South California and performing alongside Bizzy Bone, Reverie & Devin the Dude. He was also made a member of the West Coast collective theFreshState, proving once more that he is more than just your average UK emcee.

Peaky – LAtely #Video

Peaky – FRWRDthkrs #Video

Peaky – Belly Of The Sphinx #Video

Peaky – Crazy Pupil Syndrome (Track-listing):

01. Painting the City (feat. Clare Bishop)
02. LAtely
03. Holding My Dreams
04. Skit – “Awake”
05. Dead Presidents
06. Dilations and Credentials
07. Belly of the Sphinx
08. Skit – “Results + My Ego”
09. Patrick Stewart / Grind
10. Lonely and Cold
11. Skit – “Invitation”
12. Luxury
13. Drunk Off the Funk
14. Too Late
15. Televised Daemons
16. Fr£ak$ (feat. Eyesis Star)
17. Lucifer’s Wrist (feat. Hlkz & Kahlee)[Bonus]

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Dr. G Presents ‘The Coalition Volume 1′ Album OUT NOW! @DrGProductionz @ParkStreetPR @Trulove36 @Razah_Rubiez @Queentheprophet


Out now the brand new album from DR.G – Manchester based producer who has features from Canibus, Hell Razah (Sunz Of Man), Tragedy Khadafi, Hostyle (Screwball), Agallah, Snyp Life (D Block), Ty Nitty (Infamous Mobb), Big Noyd,
Edi Mean & Hussien Fatal (Outlawz), Saigon, KRS1, Fes Taylor, Inspectah Deck (Wu Tang Clan), Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs & Harmony) and many more.

The first single “Until The Day” – Inspectah Deck

The second single “Real M.C” – KRS 1 Feat’ Agallah The Don, Rap P, Philieano and D.J Rolex

The thrid single “Loyalty With Love – Hussein Fatal

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