Juttla ‘Remix Sessions Vol. 1′ (EP Review) @Juttla @ParkStreetPR


Juttla is back with a brand new EP and the first of a new series where he remixes current Hip-Hop anthems in his own unique way. There’s some heavy hitters on here like the UK legend that is Genesis Elijah, Jump Off battle champion Dotz (of Phili N Dotz), as well as Wolverhampton’s LATE and Big Dutty Deeze. The beats are hard with twisting bass but as far as what genre it is, I just couldn’t call it! This is some future Hip-Hop! The thing that impressed me so much was the fact that is such a great idea that has executed so well. Make sure you download this now from either Soundcloud or Bandcamp NOW!

Juttla ‘Remix Sessions Vol. 1′ (Track-list):

01 – Genesis Elijah – This Year (Juttla Remix)
02 – Dotz – Ship Is Sinkin (Juttla Remix)
03 – LATE – Wrong Attitude (Juttla Remix)
04 – Big Dutty Deeze – Revolution (Juttla Remix)

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Words: Scott Patterson @TheHipHopMafia

Gee Bag – Show & Tell (Prod. by @DownstrokeBeats) Review & Videos @GeeBagular @ParkStreetPR

Gee Bag - Show & Tell - 500

UK Hip-Hop fans can be fickle sometimes, they never seem happy and apart from a few of the ‘older’ acts, its real hard for newer emcees to have a long career. Geebag is one emcee that seems to have been around for a while but survived well, probably due to his music having a shelf life longer than a week! Okay, being honest he isn’t the most consistent artist in the UK, but sometimes quality over quantity is a good thing.

Geebag with his distinct Lahndahn swagger, is very musical likable, he’s more of a geezer you’d meet down the pub or maybe in the bookies. His humble and down to earth approach makes it quite easily relatable, and the fact his can bar better than most emcee’s and comes up with great concepts is also a main factor to my love of this long player. Its a solid Great British banger and something you need to download now.

Gee Bag – Show & Tell (Prod. by Downstroke Beats) Track-list:

01. Show And Tell (Intro) 02:51
02. Easy 03:52
03. Let It Be 04:35
04. Rock On 02:25
05. Toast of the Cronx Feat. Oliver Sudden & Big Toast 03:12
06. Overload 04:14
07. Stun Gun Feat. Tenchoo 05:04
08. Battersea Bridge 01:43
09. Feel Free 03:45
10. Lyrical Digest 02:46
11. Gee Baggy 04:18
12. White Boys 03:54
13. Two To The Three 03:02
14. Stones Throw 04:18

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Gee Bag – Lyrical Digest #Video

Gee Bag – Stones Throw #Video

Gee Bag – Rock On #Video

Big Ribzy ‘Blunts & Insecurities’ Produced by Lost Alliance (Album Review) @BigRibzy @LostAlliance @ParkStreetPR

Big Ribzy - Blunts & Insecurities - front500

Big Ribzy - Blunts & Insecurities - gback500

Fresh off the release of the underground mixtape and rather successful ‘King Size Blues’ with UK Runnings, Midlands’s rapper Big Ribzy starts off his promo campaign for his new ten track album ‘Blunts & Insecurities’. Produced by Lost Alliance, who you maybe remember from their own album ‘Life Cycle’, the album is a must for fans of real Hip-Hop music.

Longevity and consistency in the rap game is something that all artists strive for and this new album represents the classic boom-bap sound that has been evident in the genre since 1991. One of the album’s choicest cuts is “Petrified,” clearly reminiscent of the raw ’90s sound first pioneered by the likes of J Dilla, Q-Tip, Large Professor and Pete Rock.

The album also touches an emotional chord and the affect it has on families and children, as well as more uplifting tracks giving the album depth and excitement. The album, which is out now on his Bandcamp page, is a true testament to UK Hip-Hop and is one of my releases of the month. What a true underground gem I’ve stumbled across.

Review by Scott Patterson

D7 – Dimension 7 (Mixtape Review) @RemnantMuzic @ParkStreetPR


Right straight to business here with the new mixtape release from London artist D7, a formidable MC and producer, and one of brightest rising talents in the UK’s new wave of underground boom bap. After drawing the attention with a string of solid outings D7 now comes different as his Remnant Music brand begins to step up pace.

D7 is a name that fans of artists like Talia Kwela, Moss Def, Common and J-Live will adore, his sound and lyrical style is ‘new true school’, a look at the 1990’s era but with a 2014 fee. His delivery is similar to most of the great UK rappers but his lyrical content is along the lines of intelligent, educated, confident, and socially conscious.

He has a flare, a style and a swagger just like his label mate Soloman Gehazi, and after copping this mix I now know there’s no doubting that D7 can bring it. His lyrics are clever, and he does shit with meter and rhyming patterns that are simply mind-blowing for any real Hip-Hop fan! ‘Dimension 7’ is such a good release; I really hope people don’t sleep on it. Grab it now from the link below.

D7 – Dimension 7 (Track-list):

01. Dimension 7 01:45
02. Stay Focused FT. Soloman Gehazi & Tommy Oliver 03:11
03. Catacombs FT. Washington 02:41
04. Real talk 02:45
05. The Balance 02:49
06. I see the way FT. Washington 03:29
07. State of mind FT. Soloman Gehazi 02:58
08. Dig deeper 02:58
09. My Peoples 02:54
10. Fall back FT. Washington 02:58
11. This is how F.T Soloman Gehazi 02:50
12. I know FT. Soloman Gehazi 02:52

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Review by Scott Patterson

Tommy Oliver ‘Champagne Nights’ #EP #Review #RnB #Soul @TommyOliverWV @ParkStreetPR

tommy oliver 500

Every so often I come across an EP so good is probably best described as a musical masterpiece of work that contains some pretty dope moments. Tommy Oliver’s debut EP is one of those moments, one of those moments where you think I’m chilling with my girl and I want some audio or I’m going to a club tonight and I’m going to get me a hot chick and i want some audio. Its next level in a way that it’s sincere and something real from the heart.

Tracks such as the title track Champagne Nights show a skill to make tracks with crossover potential whereas Selfish show he can get down on an acoustic verse. Circles along with Hometown featuring Didge are the EP’s highlights, great song structures with a good look back at R&B greats with a vision to keep it new and fresh. Features come from Plain And Simple, K-NiNE , Didge, Jae Sosa & Soloman Gehazi and weather you are into R&B, soul , acoustic or hip-hop there should be something here that rocks your boat.

Review by Scott Patterson

Mad Preacher Aka War Shepard – Celestial Kings #EP #Videos @MadPreacher1 @ParkStreetPR


Mad Preacher Aka War Shepard is so much than your average rapper and his new EP is something that is creatively conceptual with deep knowledge songs that really impress. This is an intelligent rapper, so if you want songs about girls, guns, drugs or cars I suggest you stop reading. If however you are like me and like artists such as Immortal Technique and K-Rino then this my friend is right up you street.

Mad Preacher covers all kinds of concepts and styles but it’s all delivered with passion. His delivery is always really clear so you can hear every word and his flow is a little off kilter but I really admired that. Amazing songs regardless of the production always hit hard because microphone skill and pen game come before anything, but don’t worry in this case the beats are banging too!

There are endless amount of things you can say about this EP, but the main thing to comment on here is the incredible level of greatness lyrically here. I could go on for days but I’ll end it here or else it’s going to almost feel like I’m writing a book or something! Get this EP people, its proper thought provoking intricate music that cleans the soul.

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Mad Preacher – Signz #Video

Mad Preacher – Spoken Word Remix #Video

Mad Preacher – Celestial Revelations #Video

Mad Preacher Aka War Shepard – Celestial Kings (Track-list):

1. Mad Preacher – Spoken Word Remix 03:45
2. Mad Pracher Feat Omen Ra – Angelz or Alien Beingz 04:04
3. Mad Preacher – Celestial Reverlation 02:55
4. Mad Preacher – Equinox Flow 04:18
5. Mad Preacher Feat Asaln – Signz 03:21

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Charles Joseph – Just A Game #Single @charlesjoseph1

Charles Joseph is an up and coming Artist/ Producer from Brooklyn, NY. He has been steadily growing his buzz performing around NYC. This is the third record leaked from the upcoming mixtape titled “Joseph” Scheduled to drop November 25th. The mixtape will be available for free on DatPiff.com and CharlesJosephMusic.com. Charles said this about the record:

” I would be making music anyway regardless of my goal to be one of the greatest. This record represents playing your heart out and not always looking at the scoreboard”

Social Links:
Website: http://charlesjosephmusic.tumblr.com/
You Tube:http://www.youtube.com/user/CHARLESJOSEPHMUSIC
Instagram: @cjosephmusic
Twitter: @charlesjoseph1