Danny B Feat. Jimmie Black – End Of Time (Prod. by @Capstone9) @DannyBArtist @MrJimmieBlack @ParkStreetPR


Danny B continues to elevate and uplift as he drops some gems in this new single ‘End Of Time’ featuring frequent collaborator and soul singer Jimmie Black. Danny’s vibe is true and his flow is clear making it easy to hear his message, something I feel is important in Hip-Hop music and music in general.

Some rappers try and rap as many words in the bar as they can, with their rhyming dictionary and thesaurus at the ready, which in my opinion doesn’t make good music. What makes good music is the ability to convince the listener that what he/she is saying is the truth. Danny B does that with ease, making him an artist to watch out for this year.

Danny B Feat. Jimmie Black – End Of Time (Prod. by @Capstone9) #MP3


Scott Patterson

Urban Vault & UK Runnings Present Vault Assault ‘Vol. 2′ @UrbanVault @UKRunnings @TrickstaUK @ParkStreetPR



Mixtape alert with this banging new release from Urban Vault & UK Runnings. This tape really does have it all, hard to obtain tracks as well as exclusives with videos and put together so nicely by UK Hip-Hop mixtape veteran Tricksta. If you download one mixtape this month, then it should be this!

Urban Vault & UK Runnings Present Vault Assault ‘Volume 2′ Download link:

Urban Vault & UK Runnings Present Vault Assault ‘Volume 1′ Download link:

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Filfy – Filfology #Album #Review @Filfy1 @ParkStreetPR

As UK Hip-Hop progresses and develops into one of the most inventive and creative music genres there is a string of newer artists that are really worth checking for. One emcee that deserves your attention has to be Filfy, a London artist full of bounce and with something to say.

His debut album is real tight with solid production and really intricate wordplay, mix this with the fact he spits from the gut and delivers his bars with maximum impact and you soon get a flavour of what Filfy is all about.

We’ve been playing this all week and we advise you do the same!

Review by Scott Patterson

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CunninLynguists – Beyond The Sun ft. J-Live

On the 3rd sneak peek into Strange Journey Volume Three, Deacon The Villain trades verses with J-Live while Kno handles the beat and hook to reveal the concept for the project — space explorers sent on a strange journey to Earth from a distant galaxy to find intelligent & empathetic life. Do they succeed? Find out April 1st when Strange Journey Volume Three hits stores everywhere! Photography by Sol Exposure.

Pawz One “Face The Facts” #Review


Pawz One announces the release of his album “Face The Facts”, after releasing 3 well received mixtapes and independently touring the United States, Pawz One returns with his first solo album. Featuring a combination of gritty and smooth production from Los Angeles producers Default & Breeze that embody the genuine golden-era style. Heavyweight guests such as Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, Ras Kass, Termanology, 2Mex and Masta Ace all make solid appearances throughout the album. ‘Face The Facts’ is set to impact audiences all over the world by carrying on tradition and adding something new to hip hop’s already rich history. Hip Hop is in good hands, it’s time to face the facts!
Distributed through Fatbeats the album will be available on CD, limited edition vinyl & cassettes as well as all online retailers.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/face-the-facts/id793527358
Bandcamp: https://belowsystem.bandcamp.com/album/face-the-facts

Below System: http://www.belowsystem.com/pawz-one-face-the-facts-cd/
Fat Beats: http://www.fatbeats.com/products/pawz-one-face-the-facts-cd
UGHH.com: http://ughh.com/pawz-one-face-the-facts/BS009CD/
HHV.de: http://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/pawz-one-face-the-facts-347817

Scott Patterson

Big Dutty Deeze “Live Evil” (Prod. by Dr. G) #Review @BigDuttyDeeze @DrGProductionz @ParkStreetPR

Big Dutty Deeze - Live Evil - Front

For most rappers there comes a point where you honestly think ‘how can they improve on their last outing?’ This passionate Midland’s rapper rose to underground fame a few years back, known for his outrageous work ethic releasing ten mixtapes over a year period. That in it self is a big thing for a rapper at any level, but the fact the music is top notch is a bonus. He has built and built, grafted and grinded and now in February 2014 he drops his fourth album ‘Live Evil’.

The listener always falls into Big Dutty Deeze’s ability to work with words and emotions, and that is something that ‘Live Evil’ does. You hear rhymes that are built on the frustrations of the Hip-Hop industry as well as more personal songs. He hits hard with this album, not mincing his words and telling it how it is. Harder and musically deeper and almost eerie in parts, this album has that something special.

Beats from Dr. G impress time and time again, giving the album a real ‘together’ sound’. Love the choice of dialogue chosen too, very clever and I breaks the music up nice. Well produced high grade material that really drops heavy. They say peaking so early in your career is something that scares some rappers, Big Dutty Deeze is different. He has a gift he wants to share and by building his legacy so rapidly his longevity doesn’t need to questioned.

Review by Scott Patterson

MP3 download link;

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Big Dutty Deeze – They Say (Prod. by Dr. G) #Video

Big Dutty Deeze – Pentagram (Produced by Dr. G) #Video

Big Dutty Deeze ‘Bury Um In The Forest’ (Prod. by Dr. G) #Video

K*Ners Feat. Genesis Elijah – Bringing It (Single Revew) @K_Ners @GenesisElijah @ParkStreetPR


Every time I get to hear new songs that both excite and inspire me I have to stop what I’m doing and write a review. K*Ners has a unique skill to connect with the listener which to me paints a portrait of the true artist. A lesser artist would wind up with no more than some muddy splotches of bars on this killer beat, but not with this Bristol king… nope, it’s straight in as he constantly refines and improves an already proven UK Hip-Hop formula.

His words are mostly simple but the wordplay and metaphors are clever, his sincerity is often his best weapon although I feel he is widely overlooked in this UK Rap game. It’s said to say this, but I still can’t think of any acts to get signed from outside London, but surely if a major was looking for an artist that could go all the way then this would be a safe bet!

Hip-Hop has always been a world where verbosity is confused with abstraction and common platitude with profundity, but with this latest single K*Ners delivers something that should resonate with any discerning rap music fan. A quality single that has me hooked for more from K*Ners. This is crack, this is dope.

Scott Patterson

K*Ners Feat. Genesis Elijah – Bringing It #Audio

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DJ Diamond Presents Multiple Skillz “10-13” #MixtapeReview @DJDiamondgl1 @MultipleSkillz @ParkStreetPR

DJ DIAMOND presents MULTIPLE SKILLZ 10_13 (megamix)

Multiple Skillz is back. I mean, in actual fact does this geezer ever sleep? Here is a mixtape that pays homage o his work rate as we get a mixtape that acts as a periodical ‘best of’ with all his underground hits from the last three years mixed superbly by DJ Diamond. The music is tight, the beats bang and Multiple Skillz delivers great concepts and hooks. This is easily relatable music to anyone living the struggle. Download link:

Review by Scott Patterson

Multiple Skillz – Wonder Why (Araab Muzik)

Multiple Skillz – Control Freestyle (Audio Only)