Mad Preacher Aka War Shepard – Celestial Kings #EP #Videos @MadPreacher1 @ParkStreetPR


Mad Preacher Aka War Shepard is so much than your average rapper and his new EP is something that is creatively conceptual with deep knowledge songs that really impress. This is an intelligent rapper, so if you want songs about girls, guns, drugs or cars I suggest you stop reading. If however you are like me and like artists such as Immortal Technique and K-Rino then this my friend is right up you street.

Mad Preacher covers all kinds of concepts and styles but it’s all delivered with passion. His delivery is always really clear so you can hear every word and his flow is a little off kilter but I really admired that. Amazing songs regardless of the production always hit hard because microphone skill and pen game come before anything, but don’t worry in this case the beats are banging too!

There are endless amount of things you can say about this EP, but the main thing to comment on here is the incredible level of greatness lyrically here. I could go on for days but I’ll end it here or else it’s going to almost feel like I’m writing a book or something! Get this EP people, its proper thought provoking intricate music that cleans the soul.

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Mad Preacher Aka War Shepard – Celestial Kings (Track-list):

1. Mad Preacher – Spoken Word Remix 03:45
2. Mad Pracher Feat Omen Ra – Angelz or Alien Beingz 04:04
3. Mad Preacher – Celestial Reverlation 02:55
4. Mad Preacher – Equinox Flow 04:18
5. Mad Preacher Feat Asaln – Signz 03:21

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Charles Joseph – Just A Game #Single @charlesjoseph1

Charles Joseph is an up and coming Artist/ Producer from Brooklyn, NY. He has been steadily growing his buzz performing around NYC. This is the third record leaked from the upcoming mixtape titled “Joseph” Scheduled to drop November 25th. The mixtape will be available for free on and Charles said this about the record:

” I would be making music anyway regardless of my goal to be one of the greatest. This record represents playing your heart out and not always looking at the scoreboard”

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Instagram: @cjosephmusic
Twitter: @charlesjoseph1

DGainz – “Change Gon Come” #Single @DGainzBeats @BLones23

The world and the city of Chicago is in need of a change and fast, with that being said D/G FILM own DGainz releases the official video for the hit single “Change Gon Come” featuring King Caesar, TreTre and a few members from the Young Corp crew, directed by @DGainzBeats with additional footage by @BLones23 and produced by @DGainzBeats.

Artists Name: DGainz f/ King Caesar & Tre Tre
Video Title: Change Gon Come
Producer: @DGainzBeats
Directors: @DGainzBeats & @BLones23

Scott Patterson

Plain & Simple – Welcome To Plainsville #EP (Review) @PlainandSimple6 @ParkStreetPR

Welcome To Plainsville is the new release from Birmingham rapper Plain & Simple who is part of a crew called No Ego and is also known as a battle rapper. To me that kind of makes sense as there is a heavy influence from Eminem here, both in lyrical approach and even down to the artwork. Thats not actually a bad comment, considering Em’ is the only hip-hop artist to have an album in the top 100 selling albums of all time.

He has his own sound though, don’t get it twisted and this EP is very diverse as tracks like ‘Selfish’ point to an act who can create deeper songs while ‘Mixed Emotions’ shows you why you shouldn’t sleep on him. There is a good balance of songs here and have played this release more than once, which these days doesn’t happen very often. Great EP from a rapper to look out for and if you like quality homegrown hip-hop then this is for you.

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Scott Patterson

D-Red – S.F.M.S Volume One (Prod. by JMaxfield) EP #Review @DeedashRED @ParkStreetPR

D-Red has just dropped his brand new four tracker produced by JMaxfield. Its jazzy boom bap with a real stoners vibe, but its not just weed infused bars, in fact its a lot more. He has a real good vibe and sound to his music and Im sure a lot of our readers will adore this. From start to finish this EP really impresses make sure you cop it!

D-Red – S.F.M.S Volume One (Prod. by JMaxfield) Track-listing:

01 – Intro
02 – Floatin’
03 – #1 Lady
04 – Highdeas

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Scott Patterson

Peaky – Crazy Pupil Syndrome (Album Review) @TheRealPeaky @AVRevolution @ParkStreetPR


UK Rap has really come on heaps and bounds in the last couple of years. The quality is really there and so is the diverseness. Here is an album that oozes soul and injects modern jazz vibes into a sound-scape that is called ‘Crazy Pupil Syndrome’. It’s a hefty album with a real essence of real Hip-Hop all the way through as Peaky drops science on various topics.

His hard work ethic is something that has to be admired and his professional approach to the game is probably why he is starting to get worldwide recognition for his excellent debut ‘Crazy Pupil Syndrome’. In today’s over-saturated market it’s become clear that in order to stand out you can’t just be good at some stuff, you have to do one thing better than everyone else.

The reason Peaky stands out to me is simple, the fact is he is not here to impress but in fact he’s here to make good music. It’s a very well put together project with a typically atypical style which will hit hard with any discerning Hip-Hop head. The bars, the concepts, the songs are all tight, not one bad track throughout.

UK albums like these have that consistent head nodding vibe and the delivery mechanism is just as good as the product it’s delivering. If you are not feeling this, maybe it’s time to question whether you really love Hip-Hop. If you download one album this week please make sure it’s this. Creatively brilliant and refreshingly awesome.

Scott Patterson

Peaky – Crazy Pupil Syndrome (Track-listing):

01. Painting the City (feat. Clare Bishop)
02. LAtely
03. Holding My Dreams
04. Skit – “Awake”
05. Dead Presidents
06. Dilations and Credentials
07. Belly of the Sphinx
08. Skit – “Results + My Ego”
09. Patrick Stewart / Grind
10. Lonely and Cold
11. Skit – “Invitation”
12. Luxury
13. Drunk Off the Funk
14. Too Late
15. Televised Daemons
16. Fr£ak$ (feat. Eyesis Star)
17. Lucifer’s Wrist (feat. Hlkz & Kahlee)[Bonus]

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B Genius – Galactic Universal Language #Mixtape @Hollowvisons @Bgeniushv @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR


Boom bap fans should take note of this superb UK release that has dropped on the infamous UK Runnings mixtape series that have done mixtapes with M9, Iron Braydz, Big Cakes, Big Narstie and many more. This mixtape hits hard with a selection of varied anthems and grooves. His humble approach can be heard all the way through the project, as he drops clever lyricism and reality. Make sure you check this out if you love UK Hip-Hop vibes.


01. Barz-Produced By Citizen Kane) 03:48
02. Chasing-Produced by session 600 03:00
03. High ft Conscience Johnson,Dragz,Stella Walton.Produced By Brad Piff 04:17
04. Too Much ft Reckless.Produced by Citizen Kane 02:14
05. Care Free Produced by Birdydogg 03:38
06. Ordinary Love feat Stella Walton(prod. by Citizen Kane) 04:39
07. Square One feat Conscience Johnson(prod by Brad Piff) 02:40
08. Sell My Soul Produced by Citizen Kane 02:58
09. Me V Me produced by Citizen Kane 03:10
10. The One Produced by K2 02:20
11. Where Am I Going produced by Session 600 03:14
12. Path Of the Beast ft Killa Virus 03:13
13. Visions Of Terror ft Conscience Johnson,Terra Artists,produced by B Genius 04:10

Scott Patterson