Roga Raph Unveils his Debut LP, ‘Visionary Shift’ (Free Download)

Jazz rap: a subgenre of Hip-Hop discussed ad nauseam by diehard fans. Whether you’ve been caught in a daze while bumping Tribe’s Low End Theory, or you know Blue Notes Records’ discography front to back, the music has birthed passionate listeners for a reason. While some heads might discount the music as being a relic of the past, the sounds of the underground still emit those feel good jazz vibes, even in today’s Internet Era.

Proving that there’s still an audience for that laid back groove is the Mt. Kisco, New York based rapper/producer, Roga Raph. Raph is a part of the new wave of emcees looking to expand upon those jazzy Hip-Hop cuts that many of us grew up with, in hopes that he could give both contemporary heads and new listeners, simply great music. This effort all begins with the release of his eleven track, au gratis debut, Visionary Shift.

Packed with dusty piano riffs and buttery soul samples, the free release gives off that old school feeling without coming across as either formulaic, or dated. As a graduate of Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts, as an Illustration major, Raph is also the graphic designer behind the project’s artwork.VIsionary Shift is Raph telling his story, but also having fun, by not taking this tale too seriously.

The album’s strengths is its sonic diversity. Whether it’s the chilled out, “Signz,” the debut, “Fck Whut They Say,” or the uptempo “In The Now” with its prominent Eckhart Tolle samples, Raph proves that he can ride with the best of them. Visionary Shift is now available for free download, so be sure to check for rap’s new best kept secret.

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Philly’s Louie V Gutta Drops New Single, “Pull Up” (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Never doubt your hustle. If you keep quiet, put your head down and do the work, nothing else matters, especially around those who claim to be friends. If you ever needed an example of a ruthless work ethic, look no further than Louie V Gutta. He could’ve been just another rapper on the grind, but his perseverance allowed him to make some big moves alongside Meek Mill.

Gutta’s efforts allowed him to craft a few hooks on the Maybach Music Group compilation Self Made Vol. 3 as well as “Kilo,” “Young and Gettin It” and “Rich and Famous” from Meek’s debut LP, Dreams and Nightmares. Although Gutta isn’t affiliated with Meek these days, he hasn’t led his newly found independence stop him from making hits. Joined by fellow Philly rhymer, Lil Uzi Vert, “Pull Up” is the joint to turn up to whether you’re in the the whip, or up in the club.

Gutta’s got a knack for making catchy hooks and it shows in this release. Lyrically, Gutta is untouchable, while Vert shows and prove on both his raps, and singing. “Pull Up” is now available for free download, courtesy of Buygore.

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Eskar – Zip It up (Prod. by Jack Danz of Defenders Of Style) #Album @EskarMusic @DSFam @ParkStreetPR

Album Cover

Here’s a dope album from a rapper from Huddersfield that you should get to know about. The album is produced by the well respected Jack Danz of the legendary Defenders Of Style. Its what we call ‘proper hip-hop’… good head snapping beats with killer rhymes. Make sure you cop this; the links are below.

Eskar – Zip It Up (Track-list):

01. Intro 00:57
02. Bruce Campbell 04:07
03. Masochistic 02:12
04. Crescendo Ft. Jermaine A. Peterson 03:41
05. 3310 Ft. DJ esSDee & Defenders Of Style 04:11
06. Takin The Mick 03:48
07. Story Time 04:30
08. Interlude 00:57
09. Opposition 03:50
10. Man VS. Woman Ft. Krankit 04:11
11. Smack It 03:55
12. Maybe 03:15
13. Electric Loose Ft. Jermaine A. Peterson 04:16
14. Drip Drop 02:29
15. Wha Ft. DJ esSDee 04:41
16. Outro 01:12
17. Opposition (Irn Mnky Remix) 04:09

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TSK ‘Average Rapper Syndrome’ (Rhyme Pad Records) #Album #Review @Rhymepad @ParkStreetPR


The chaos of the world can be a somewhat stressful place. It’s always made easier when we get a good album to review by an emcee that actually says stuff. If you into that UK rap plap that clogs up You Tube then stop reading, this album isn’t for you, because this is real Hip-Hop music with a message.

This album holds your attention from start to finish because of the thoughtful and deep conscious lyrics, but then the compliment is the music, solid production all throughout mostly from UK legend Micall Parknsun who used to be on Jehst’s YNR label, offers a perfect background to TSK’s apocalyptic poetry.

Truly I could go on and quote every song, but there is so much to read and understand here, I just recommend that you go and check it for yourself. It’s bubblegum free, fuckery free boom bap and really impresses. It’s so rare in 2015 to find an album that has that integrity from start to finish, even rarer to find it also entertaining and above all it doesn’t contradict itself. This is a really good breath of fresh air.

TSK – Average Rapper Syndrome (Track-list):

01. Bottle In The Bath (Prod. by Marlon)
02. Wise Up Feat. Micall Parknsun (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
03. Average Rapper Feat. Tone (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
04. Dirty Habits Feat. Diddy Koi (Prod. by Pro P)
05. Meant2Be (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
06. Freezing Feat Ghette (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
07. Uncle Eddy (Prod. by Ill Thought)
08. Come Home (Prod. by Marlon)
09. Life Inna Feat. Klashnekoff, Deadly Hunta & Si Phili (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
10. Filipino Chick (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
11. Food (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
12. Finer Thread Feat. Shadowstar (Prod. by Huphy)
13. Blacksmith (Prod. by Marlon)
14. February (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)

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Ben iLLa Feat. Wise Intelligent- Knowledge Is Infinite (Prod. By: E. Smitty) @benilla_music @wiseintelligent @THEREALESMITTY

Iowa Hip hop artist “Ben iLLa” is back with “Knowledge Is Infinite” feat. hip hop legend Wise Intelligent (Poor Righteous Teachers). Originally when Ben reached out to Wise Intelligent for the feature, Wise asked him to send over the record & “maybe he’d sparr with the youngin” Well things turned out well and the two combined with some gritty production from Atlanta based Producer “E. Smitty” for another classic. Ben iLLa’s Part 1 of his fourth coming album “Soldier Of The Universe” is set to release next wednesday April 8th originally pushed back from March 31st to allow time to release “Knowledge Is Infinite”. Part 1 will be available for free download & on April 28th Part 1 & 2 will be available on limited edition vinyl & double CD.

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@benilla_music / @wiseintelligent / @THEREALESMITTY
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Blackk Chronical Feat. Brenio Meru – A Marionette #Video @BlackkChronical @GlobalFaction @Global_Faction @ParkStreetPR


South East London rapper Blackk Chronical drops this new gem with Brenio Meru entitled ‘A Marionette’. Sharing stages with the likes of Pharoahe Monch, Big Daddy Kane, Jeru the Damaja, Mic Righteous, Dead Prez, Jehst, Onyx and many more, this emcee is really building a name for himself in the UK. His new single shows great lyrical depth and is something you need to be up on!

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Juttla ‘Remix Sessions Vol. 1′ (EP Review) @Juttla @ParkStreetPR


Juttla is back with a brand new EP and the first of a new series where he remixes current Hip-Hop anthems in his own unique way. There’s some heavy hitters on here like the UK legend that is Genesis Elijah, Jump Off battle champion Dotz (of Phili N Dotz), as well as Wolverhampton’s LATE and Big Dutty Deeze. The beats are hard with twisting bass but as far as what genre it is, I just couldn’t call it! This is some future Hip-Hop! The thing that impressed me so much was the fact that is such a great idea that has executed so well. Make sure you download this now from either Soundcloud or Bandcamp NOW!

Juttla ‘Remix Sessions Vol. 1′ (Track-list):

01 – Genesis Elijah – This Year (Juttla Remix)
02 – Dotz – Ship Is Sinkin (Juttla Remix)
03 – LATE – Wrong Attitude (Juttla Remix)
04 – Big Dutty Deeze – Revolution (Juttla Remix)

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Words: Scott Patterson @TheHipHopMafia