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UK Runnings Presents ‘Straight Outta UK (Hosted by LATE)’

Brand new UK Runnings mixtape hosted by the legendary Midlands rapper LATE. This is a big one.

01 – LATE – Intro
02 – LATE – Straight Outta UK
03 – Big Narstie – Rage
04 – Shade1 Feat. Yogi & Big V – Trapstar
05 – Genesis Elijah – Psalms
06 – Sir Tomz & Nih’illi – Stack It Up
07 – Skriblah DanGogh – Welcome To The Real World
08 – B-iLLA – War
09 – LATE – Tricksta Track
10 – Big Ben – Home I Need
11 – Architech & S.Kalibre – Throw Ya Hands Up
12 – Mr Flex Feat. Ransom Badbones & Iron Braydz – 1000 Deaths
13 – Big Dutty Deeze – Omen
14 – K9 – Cheeky Bar-Stuard
15 – Supar Novar – Here I Am
16 – Multiple Skillz – Rap Therapy
17 – Ragz Sweet Jones – Sex, Drugs & Hip-Hop
18 – LATE – Outro

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Danny Bones Interview

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you’ve released so far and other interesting stuff you think our readers would like to know!

well. my name is Danny Bones of the rap group F.L.I.P. Id describe myself as a musician, although im probably more known for my rapping. I produce, rap, sing and engineer music. Ive released 3 mix-tapes (Indiana Bones and the Temple of Boom & Bootleg Vol 1 & Bootleg Black Edition) i also released a Ep called ‘Greasy Love’. A lot more in the pipeline though! My next release is a mixtape called ‘The Book Of Daniel’

So long have you been making music and what or who got you into music?

Ive actually been making music for 11 years (since age 16) but the first 4 years were spent running a small independent record label. At that time i wasn’t really taking my vocal game seriously and spent most of my time producing other artists. I really only got involved in the rap scene about 3 years ago when i started working with Supar Novar and the rest of my brothers in the F.L.I.P camp. Previously I had been rhyming with a few close friends in my local area (Kilburn, London) and we formed a crew called ‘RealPolitik’ which is still active now. As for what got me into music? Skipping school got me into music. I basically bunked the whole of years 9 and 10 and just wrote bars, went shoplifting and got high.

What was the first record you ever brought?

The first record i ever bought was probably something comical like MC Hammer or some shit but the first REAL record i bought would have been ‘Busta Rhymes – The Coming’. That CD was so hard. I can still bump it now. Favorite track? ‘Ill Vibe – featuring Q-Tip’ that shit still gives me tingles.

So why do you rap and what’s your main motivation and inspiration?

I rap because music is the only thing I’ve ever been good at. When I’m creating a song I feel like how i imagine a crackhead feels smoking his first bone of the day. It soothes me. it feels, mentally, like the first time i had my dick sucked. I keep doing it because id go mad if i didnt. I have no choice but to keep on. I feel I was born to do it. I also feel it would be wrong to deprive people of my greatness.

How would you briefly describe your latest release to a first time listener?

Everything I release will be guaranteed to sound like a monster in your stereo. That’s all.

If someone reading this had not heard of you before and only had time to listen to one track of yours which track would you play them and why?

Hmmm. Hard question. I guess id play ’em my track ‘A Life Story’ which is on my soundcloud profile (www.soundcloud.com/dannybones). This track is about real-life scenarios i have lived through. Also i think it displays my wordplay and production skills. Its not my best track but its a good introduction to my music.

If you weren’t involved in the music industry what do you reckon you’d be doing instead?

Robbing Stuff.

Do you think the recession will displace bling-era rappers in favour of more well-rounded ones in the mainstream?

Unfortunately no. I think the recession has just been an opportunity for the rich to capitalize on cheap shit, thereby making themselves even richer. I don’t necessarily think bling bling rappers are the problem anyway. I think the standards of what is dope music has been lowered so drastically since the 90’s that people are now blinded to what is a genuinely good rapper. How the fuck can you call drake one of the best rappers of the new millennium? this guy would have been a average rocafella rapper back in the 90’s, now hes the hottest shit. Its ridiculous.

What’s your take and views on Hip-Hop at the moment?

Like I said, I think Hip Hop is in a sorry state. Most people have the same view as me but restrict it to the mainstream side of the game. In my opinion 99% of underground rappers are weak. No-one seems to amaze me anymore. I have to listen to a DMX album or a Busta or Jay-Z album to catch a vibe. UK hip hop is even worse. I think the game is over saturated, everybody thinks they can rap just cause they can string a rhyme together. Who’s really got a great style, flow, clarity or subject matter? loads of guys have some of these elements, very few have all.

I feel a few guys though, such as ; RealPolitik, Genesis Elijah, Supar Novar, Big Ben, Ragz, Ruthless, Mr Ti2bs, King Response, Terra Slim, Mr Drastick, B’Illa crew, Oracy, Tantrum, Wordsmith, Logic, Big Cakes, Big Dutty Deeze, DSG, Verbal Apocalypse, Gramma MC and a handful more.

What’s been your favourite Hip-Hop release of the year so far?

Last year it would a been ‘Jay-Z & Kanye West – Watch the Throne’ But the best release I’ve heard so far this year is ‘Genesis Elijah – Painkillers & Pilkington’. I have to admit i slept on it for a couple of weeks, then my missus told me to listen to it and i was blown away. The guy Gen is a genius.

Success is a very broad word nowadays and it means different things to different people, but what’s your definition of success?

My definition of success would be recognition of my skills as a musician. I honestly think there is no-one close to me at what i do. I feel if i can establish a paid career in the music game i will be satisfied. It would be a shame if the world didnt get the chance to appreciate Danny Bones!

Do you have a website, if not what’s your other website links?

I have a website under construction but in the meantime u can get at me on;

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/dannyflipbones
Soundcloud – http://soundcloud.com/dannybones
Yotube – http://www.youtube.com/DannyBonesFLIP

Before you go tell us something really interesting or funny about yourself that no one knows or might not know!

My internal organs are made of plant matter like Swamp Thing.


Interview by Scott Patterson

O’Mega Red Drops Detail Produced Single “I’m A Problem”, Readies Album Featuring KRS One & Donna Summer

O’Mega Red Releases New Single “I’m A Problem, Produced By Detail. Forthcoming Album To Feature Legends KRS One and Donna Summer. O’Mega Red has released another highly anticipated single entitled “I’m A Problem”. He just seems to keep rolling out the hits from the Stay Grindin’, Inc. This lyrically perceptive song, produced by Noel “Detail” Fisher, follows his previous singles “Endz” and “Take My Shine”. “I’m A Problem” tells of his journey to achieve his dreams that are now within reach. O’Mega Red vows to continue the fight to make them a reality.

The Rhyme Master has again scored with “I’m A Problem”. Red proclaims that “The world sees him coming hard and his music is a vehicle to express his message of positivity in the game.” The song is a message letting the industry know that once he lands on the scene, O’Mega Red is bound to be A Problem to anyone dares to impede on his success. “It’s time to step up the game”, says O’Mega Red.

A founding member of Stay Grindin’ Music, O’Mega Red continues to build a lasting brand for the future. The expansive Entertainment Management Company operates out of Boston, New York and Los Angeles and is always seeking new and unique recording and production talents to add to their portfolio.

O’Mega Red has encapsulated his life experiences into meaningful and enlightening musical interludes that are enjoyable to listen to and also imparts a meaningful lesson about life. O’Mega Red’s forthcoming album ‘Red October’, will also feature living legend KRS One for the single “Hip Hop” produced by Duane “Da Rock” Ramos, Ray J, and Soul Legend, Donna Summer. O’Mega Red’s dream after a long struggle and grind is now within reach.

O’Mega Red
I’m A Problem ft. Detail

Fliptrix – Mind Travelling

Brand new video for ‘Mind Travelling’. This is the first single to be released from Fliptrix’s new album ‘Third Eye Of The Storm’ set for release on High Focus Records in April 2012 on CD, Digital & Limited Edition double gatefold vinyl. The Mind travelling E.P contains two other tracks ‘Land Of The Lost’ & ‘Earth’s Axis’ which are exclusive to the E.P.


PRE ORDER ‘THIRD EYE OF THE STORM’ HERE http://www.high-focus.com