King I Divine – Divine ScienZe Instrumentals

This is a dope album of instrumentals from King I Devine. Really feeling his production, a proper talented beat maker. He makes Hip-Hop like how it should be made!


01. Welcome (Instrumental) 02:12
02. Hero (Instrumental) 01:55
03. Happiness Is (Instrumental) 02:02
04. Rocket (Instrumental) 02:01
05. The Present (Instrumental) 01:46
06. Hear My Vision (Instrumental) 01:43
07. Can’t Describe (Instrumental) 01:51
08. Organic (Instrumental) 02:03
09. We Rise (Instrumental) 01:38
10. High Ride (Instrumental) 01:51
11. Enjoy Tonight (Instrumental) 01:48
12. Peace (Instrumental) 01:43
13. How I’m Designed (Instrumental) 01:37

Purchase/Stream link:

Connect with King I Devine

Also, check out the new beat video in which King I Divine explains the process of creating the ‘HERO’ track

Check out King I Divine MPC beat making video


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