UK Runnings Present Tricksta – Just Before Nightfall (Street Album)

UK Runnings the mixtape series founded by Tricksta in 2001 have finally released a full on production street album produced and put together by Tricksta. ‘Just Before Nightfall’ is the twenty track street album that features more or less all of your favourite underground UK rappers as well as Phife Dawg from Tribe Called Quest shouting him on the intro alongside Westwood and Papoose! This really shows the diversity of this Wolverhampton seasoned vet!

Full Tracklisting:

01 – Intro Feat. Gabz & Rae, Baby J, Papoose, Westwood, Phife Dawg & Million Dan (Prod. by Tricksta)
02 – Just Before Nightfall Feat. LATE (Prod. by Tricksta)
03 – It Is What It Is Feat. Konny Kon, Ms Tempz, Mr Flex, Jaz Kahina & S. Kalibre (Prod. by Tricksta)
04 – Stand Proud Feat. Big Dutty Deeze (Prod. by Tricksta)
05 – These Bars Feat. Juice Aleem, Blackitude, Sir Tomz & Nih’illi (Prod. by Tricksta)
06 – Seek The Truth Feat. Reveal (Prod. by Tricksta)
07 – Its Horrible Feat. Big Dutty Deeze & Supar Novar (Prod. by Tricksta)
08 – Break It Down Feat. Ruthless (Prod. by Tricksta)
09 – Mr. Night Time Feat. Danny Bones (Prod. by Tricksta)
10 – Mic Club Feat. Big Dutty Deeze, Ruthless, Supar Novar, LATE, Terra Slim, Multiple Skillz, Jimmy Screech, Danny Bones, Mistah Biggz & Big Ben (Prod. by Tricksta)
11 – Undisputed Feat. Reload (Prod. by Tricksta)
12 – Tricksta Track Feat. LATE (Prod. by Tricksta)
13 – Lyrical War Feat. Grit Grammar (Prod. by Tricksta)
14 – Its All Cake Feat. Big Cakes & Cocotone (Prod. by Tricksta)
15 – Grindin For The Paper Feat. B-iLLA (Prod. by Tricksta)
16 – Live & Breathe Feat. Ragz Sweet Jones, Terawrizt & Redzer (Prod. by Tricksta)
17 – Fall Feat. Sir Tomz & Nih’illi (Prod. by Tricksta)
18 – No Favours Feat. Double E aka Brinkworth, Just P & Dillahman (Prod. by Tricksta)
19 – The Big Man Returns Feat. Big Narstie (Prod. by Tricksta)
20 – Underground Rhymes Feat. LATE, Big Dutty Deeze, Sir Tomz, Jai Boo, Supar Novar, Big Ben, S. Kalibre, Mistah Biggz, Dillahman, Ruinz Ason, Terra Slim, Jimmy Screech, Konny Kon, Ruthless, Nih’illi, Taurus, Reds, Double E aka Brinkworth, Tusche Costa & Mr. CRF (Prod. by Tricksta)

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Fearce & BeanOne (of Dyme Def) – ‘There Goes The Neighborhood’ (Free Album)

Emcee Fearce & producer BeanOne of Seattle’s Dyme Def have combined their talents to form a group and in doing so present their debut twelve track offering There Goes The Neighborhood, for the wallet friendly price of free.99. TGTN is cut from the same cloth of quality releases that you’ve come to expect from Seattle’s premiere hip-hop crew; innovative production, domineering mic control and conceptually driven lyrics, all with a style that’s devoid of any industry typecast. In other words, this should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential neighborhood…enjoy. #YukTheWorld

Sixo, “God Cops” f. Poindexter & Heir Max

Fort Worth producer Sixo presents the EKP Pictures-produced music video for “God Cops” featuring Poindexter and Heir Max. “God Cops” is featured on Tracking Perception, Sixo’s eight-song EP featuring former Anticon member Sole, AWOL One, Onry Ozzborn, Ceschi and Gregory Pepper. “When my life partner went to NYC, she came back with a story,” says Sixo about the song’s beginnings.

“She’d get off the subway to come home and the same corner boy was there every time. After a couple days, she came to expect him. One day, he wasn’t there, and she was a bit worried. ‘What happened? What’s going on?’ That sorta thing. And it dawned on me while she was telling me the story that that’s exactly the feeling society wants us to get from police. We’re supposed to be afraid of drug dealers, even though they rarely hurt anyone but each other and we’re supposed to trust and feel safe around cops, even though their job is not to keep us safe, but to keep us obedient.”

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