Mega EvErs – Self Paid


Mega EvErs effortlessly merges the personable charm of his southern roots with the cold and quick wit of the Pacific Northwest into his lyrics as a musician. The bicoastal rapper Mega EvErs acknowledges his hometown, East Point, GA while embracing his home and stomping ground Seattle, WA. Mega EvErs is known for draping his lyrics with crucial punch lines and undeniable realism. Through his music Mega EvErs connected with the pulse of the Seattle streets by generating solidarity and resuscitating the excitement about the Seattle Hip-Hop Scene amongst local artist and fans.

“I create music from a place within me; where reality, perception, and talent meet. I’m the spokesperson for my truth and the way I articulate happens to be entertaining. My resume displays versatility and a timeless flow that will enlighten keeping you wanting to hear more. I focus on musical longevity and the money and success will follow.” –Mega EvErs

With the success of his music video Self Paid featured on YouTube, Mega EvErs proves he’s a force to be reckoned with. The fiery word play of the Mega EvErs’ record God Flow has won the masses and is in heavy rotation on both local and online hip-hop radio stations. Mega EvErs flexes his versatility in his most up-tempo record So Gutta released Fall 2012. After selling hundreds of mixtapes and doing many shows, Mega now has a well-respected grind and is still known for his unmatchable flow. Slated for a 2013 release the Mega EvErs’ much anticipated mixtape F.I.B.I will have fans and critics alike standing behind him as he enters the next phase of his career.