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The Internet is loaded with music, news and entertainment media but how do you sift thru everything to find what you want? With access to millions of songs, tens of thousands of artists, and a host of entertainment media, Platformz will easily put the world of indie music and media in your control.

Platformz is a powerful mobile indie music and media search engine that allows fans of indie music and media to search some the largest digital distribution platforms – Audiomack, Soundcloud and others – for artist that You like. Once you find the media, you stream it directly on their mobile device and it also recommends artists for them in the featured artist section. You can search for any parameter in the app that you are used to searching the site with: genres of music, artists by name, album names, key words etc.


• Search Audiomack, Soundcloud and Mixcloud all at the same time or one at a time for the best of indie music and entertainment media
• Search for song title, artist name, genre of music, geographic location, news, comedy, or many other metrics
• Instantly listen to the media you discover on your mobile device
• Discover new artists and music in the Featured Artist section
• Check for the latest in indie music, news and comedy at your leisure

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FILFY Interview @filfy1 @parkstreetpr


Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you have released so far and other interesting stuff you think our readers would like to know!
Firstly id like to thank everyone here at Hip Hop mafia for taking the time to conduct this interview and also all my fans and supporters for showing me love and support. For those of you that dont know who i am my names Filfy and I’m a lyricist from london, UK. Back in march of 2012 i released my debut Hip Hop video “Taking Liberties”, the beat was produced by Manage (Caxton press) and the video was filmed and edited by Globalfaction. The track focused on our civil liberties here in the UK and how we are being stripped of our basic rights and freedoms on a daily basis. Upon releasing the video i received a lot of positive feedback and support and a lot of people were asking me where they could find more of my music, thats when i decided it was time to get back in the lab and put an album together. My 12 track debut album “Filfology” was released November 17 2013 and has a mixture of beats from funky get down james brown, to head banging Hip Hop. For everyone that has been following me via various social media sites i have been releasing free downloadable content through soundcloud and reverbnation so make sure you check that out. Regarding future plans i will be teaming up with Globalfaction again in the very near future to shoot and release videos for tracks from my album as well as some collab projects I’ve been putting together with some of your favorite UK artists.

So how long have you been making music and what or who got you into music?
Ever since i was a young boy music has been a passion of mine and like many kids born in the 80’s i was a big fan of michael jackson and left streaks in the carpet in front of the tv trying to do the moonwalk. By the time i was 13 i had a wide taste in music and would listen to pop, soul, swing, blues, funk, electro, hip hop as well as many other genres of music. I remember one day after coming home from school i went into my room and put the radio on and proceeded to flick through the stations when i came across an underground pirate radio station called kool fm that was playing something new to me called “Jungle”, I remember being amazed at how the mc’s were flowing so fast to the music and coming with that raw underground energy, i decided from then that i was going to start writing my own material, even though i haven’t performed to Jungle for many years now that is how i started writing my own material and its been one big lyrical journey ever since.

What was the first record you ever brought?
If i remember correctly the first record i ever brought was “Snow – Informer”.

So why do you rap and whats your main motivation and inspiration?
From 1999- 2006 i was heavily involved in the UK Garage scene until i decided that i needed to take a step back from music and partying every weekend to focus on other things that were going on in my life, at that point i still had a lot of growing to do mentally and was destined for a path of self destruction if something didn’t change (that is another story). In the 6 years between then and the release of my debut Hip Hop video Taking Liberties i had grown mentally and through years of research had started to develop a new understanding of the world around me and felt it was time to get back on to the scene and share what i had learnt. After attending a few Hip Hop open mics, i soon realised Hip Hop would be the best way to get my message out there as most other genres i had previously been involved in were more focused on flow and delivery and the listeners would just start willin out to whatever you were saying as long as it was rhythmical, with Hip Hop it seemed people were more focused on the lyrical content and wanted to know what you had to say. The transition from Garage to Hip Hop was an easy one for me as in the last years of my garage carrer i had been writing mostly all of my lyricks over Hip Hop beats and by this point had listened to Hip Hop music for many many years.

How would you briefly describe your latest release to a first time listener?

If someone reading this had not heard of you before and only had time to listen to one track of yours which track would you play them and why?
It would have to be “Taking Liberties”, reason being we are living in a time not only here in the UK but all around the globe where people are having their rights, freedoms and liberties ripped away from them and i feel that people have to recognise this and take a stand to defend their basic rights.

If you weren’t involved in the music industry what do you recon you’d be doing instead?
It’s hard to imagine what i would do without music, even through the the 6 years that i stepped away from music i was writing lyricks, its what i do and who i am.

Do you think the recession will displace bling-era rappers in favour of more well-rounded ones in the mainstream?
My personal opinion that i know is shared by many is that we live in hard times where people are struggling to feed themselves and their famillies, meanwhile you have a plethora of artists that are being pushed by the mainstream to perpetuate this illusion that owning material objects and having expensive cars and jewellry defines who you are in life and how successful you are as a person, which couldn’t be further from the truth. So to answer the question, YES, i believe the attitude towards these artists are changing and people would rather hear something meaningful than someone boasting about things that the average person cant afford.

Whats your take and views on Hip Hop at the moment?
I think that the Hip Hop scene in the UK is healthy and strong and has a lot to say.

Whats been your favourite Hip Hop release of the year so far?
We have only just stepped into 2014 and already there has been multiple releases that have had me head nodding so to pick one would be difficult, a lot of rappers/lyricists in the uk are bringing their a game at the moment so the bar is constantly rising.

Success is a very broad word nowadays and it means different things to different people, but whats your definition of success?
To me being successfull is to achieve the goals and targets that you set out for yourself.

Do you have a website, if not what’s your other website links?
At the moment you can catch me online @

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filfy.music
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/filfy1
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/filfy1
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/filfy

Before you go tell us something really interesting or funny about yourself that no one knows or might not know?
When i was twelve years old i broke both my arms in two places on friday the 13th.


Liam drops bombs

Discovered his talents of writing in 5th grade. Began writing songs in 2005 at the age of 11, and began rapping at the age of 14. Started under the alias of Master when he was 11. A few weeks later he formed a group called Master Production with his two cousins. He then went under the name of Willow which brought a lot of attention to his potential. He began freestyling in courtyards at school continuously building hype for his label and his cousins who formed the group,Twist.

At the end of 2008 came the end of the Master Production era. In fighting and rivalries within the group ripped it to shreds before they could even release any recordings. So in early 2009 Liam(then Willow) took his career to a new level. He changed his name to Illee and formed a new group called the Drawing Board. The era of Illee would come to be the most influential, beneficial and sentimental era of Liam’s career. Despite not having the equipment to record, his freestyles and live performances put him with the right peolpe and made him realize who he was as an artist.

The era of Illee brought out the best in Liam, everybody chanted Illee until Liam retired the name in 2011 and began going by the name of Liam. He still keeps Illee close to him and looks at him as a part of his being, he sees him as an influential spirit that got him hooked up with many connects. Ever since then Liam has been rising up. He released a mixtape called The Outbreak which was used to tribute Illee, then he released the ep William Dragonheart then finally his debut album, Art, which dropped on February 29, 2012. He released the Illee’s Verses mixtape(June 16, 2013), Illee4eva(July 16, 2013), The New Deal: The Release(February 17, 2014) and finally The New Deal: Freedom Banner(July 4th, 2014).

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/illee4
Website: http://illee4.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/DesertStorm306
The New Deal: The Release: http://upload.datpiff.com/Liam-The-New-Deal-The-Release-mixtape.582286.html
The New Deal: freedom Banner: http://upload.datpiff.com/Liam-The-New-Deal-Freedom-Banner-mixtape.619795.html