Exclusive Interview with @Marvelcoin #Interview @ParkStreetPR

Marvelcoin Mumbles

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you’ve released so far and other interesting stuff you think our readers would like to know!
I go by the name “Marvelcoin Mumbles’ hip hop’s rapper/accountant, BlackShark Entrepreneur, Member of the G.O.D movement, Kemetic Consultant and spiritual director. Today I would I like to invite the readers to go check out my my ‘Money Flow Mixtape’

So long have you been making music and what or who got you into music?
I’ve been making music since I was about 14. Before Hip Hop I wasn’t even into music to be honest. My brother and a few friends from school got me into hip hop. It was when I heard the Fugees album ‘The Score’ is when my journey enjoying music begins.

What was the first record you ever brought?
It was Wu-tang Killa Bees ‘The Swarm’

So why do you rap and what’s your main motivation and inspiration?
Why do I Rap? I use rap as a positive outlet to express myself, vent, voice my opinion, get my message across in rhyming art form/poetry and to generally entertain myself, I always try to end on a positive vibe. I know the music I like so I make music to mirror the music I usually listen to. My motivation comes from the message I want to get across you could say i’m very opinionated so the music I make is to deliver my out take on things. I’m inspired when I hear a good beats or good lyrics. My own ideas or a again a message I want to get across. I’m also inspired by the nature of hip hop and it’s original purpose of peace, love unity and having fun.

How would you briefly describe your latest release to a first time listener?
The Money Flow Mixtape.. I would say its a nice blend of creative intelligence and fun.

If someone reading this had not heard of you before and only had time to listen to one track of yours which track would you play them and why?
I would send them to ‘I Do it for Hip Hop’ because it touches on my internal battle on why I shouldn’t stop making music and pursue a accounting career.

If you weren’t involved in the music industry what do you reckon you’d be doing instead?
lol I would definitely be pursuing a career in accounting!

Do you think the recession will displace bling-era rappers in favour of more well-rounded ones in the mainstream?
I hope so, because bling-era rappers mainly talk about bling all day. I love bling to but there’s more to life than bling bling.

What’s your take and views on Hip-Hop at the moment?
I think Hip Hop has been perverted. It’s mainly low vibration music in the mainstream at the moment. If we’re using the definition of Hip Hop that I use which is ‘Higher Infinite Power Healing Our People’ i’m sorry but I look at our people and I don’t see much healing instead I see more destruction.

What’s been your favourite Hip-Hop release of the year so far?
Besides my ‘Money Flow Mixtape’ it has to be “Champs” from G.O.D it’s on repeat Harrd!!

Success is a very broad word nowadays and it means different things to different people, but what’s your definition of success?
I have to quote Earl Nightingale on this one. He said “Success is progressively realising a worthy ideal”, It’s the mother who is raising her children because she wanted to raise her children. It’s the Car Wash man who opens his car wash after all the planning and bugs he had to overcome to make it happen. It’s that feeling that your life is increasing.

Do you have a website, if not what’s your other website links?
http://www.Marvelcoin.com for the all the latest news regarding Marvelcoin Mumbles and a direct download link to the money flow mix tape.

Twitter: @marvelcoin


Before you go tell us something really interesting or funny about yourself that no one knows or might not know!
Ok well I have a theory that the best flowers in hip hop are Gemini’s and i’m a Gemini. Other great Gemini’s as you should know are 2pac, Biggie, Ice Cube, Kanye West, Andre 3000, Lauren hill and Havoc from Mobb Deep. From the UK I believe K Koke and Lowkey are Gemini’s check their flow.. it’s on another level. What do you think? haha!

Interview by Scott Patterson


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