Brooklyn’s Westbay Brings the Love Back

Westbay is, and always has been about the love of Hip-Hop. As long as there aren’t any half steppers in his way, Brooklyn will be in good hands. But sometimes you’ll have people who are in it for the wrong reasons, the vultures with the intent of steppin’ in and out the game real quick for a fast buck– a trait that goes against West’s beliefs. On “Bring The Love Back,” Westbay keeps the Spread Love mantra, the name of his most recent LP that doubles as a reference to his Brooklyn roots, along with the grassroots movement that he started with the NYC-based street artist, Mr. Love, which consists of a series of weekly events that allows both artists to showcase their positive message through both song and visual arts. “Bring the Love Back” details West’s past troubles as well as his future ambitions over some slick production, supplied by Joe Josh Beats. Keep it locked to hear more from the burgeoning BK spitter.

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