Cyclonious Feat Pheonix Da IceFire & Apex Zero – Together (Prod. @ChairmanMaf) #Video #Single @Cyclonious

‘Illustrious’* Rapper Cyclonious and Outstanding Producer Chairman Maf, is releasing their latest track ‘Together’, a collaboration with Pheonix Da IceFire & Apex Zero. This is the third installment from the majestic ‘Hostile Leadership’ which was released on the 27th of June and has received rave reviews with their ‘infectious’ fusion of authentic hip hop break beats and memorable melody’s, topped off with formidable yet inspirational lyracism. With combinations from Pheonix Da Ice Fire and Apex Zero a feeling is felt of brotherhood and progressive thinking. These three artist put together on a Chairman Maf beat shows and proves that hip hop is still alive and stronger than ever. ‘Together’, follows their polished singles ‘Magnetic’ and ‘MMA Plus’. ‘Together’ was shot and edited by the magnificent GlobalFaction “ I replayed Together four times upon first hearing it; it’s not only the best tune on the record but is potentially one of the most important songs you’ll hear this year.” “ The track that brings this collection of niceness to a close is ‘Together’ featuring Phoenix Da icefire & Apex Zero. This album is sequenced correctly and this track brings home the message that Hip Hop should strive for.”

Connect with Cyclonious and Chairman Maf:


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