Sketchamus ‘Scrumpy Rap’ #Mixtape @Sketchamus @ParkStreetPR


‘Make sure you go and grab this now!’
‘Quality from the off this is a must’
‘Tracks that UK Hip-Hop fans will love & adore’

Sketchamus is a solo artist from Winchester, UK that is also one half of rap duo 2LostSouls with his partner in rhyme Dubside. Starting out writing lyrics at the age of fifteen he got into the sounds of drum & bass before moving into the Hip-Hop scene. Now in 2014 Sketchamus releases ‘Scrumpy Rap’, a collection of solid tracks that are already getting championed by some of the UK’s leading blogs and DJ’s. Things are really hotting up for this intricate, diverse and lyrical emcee.

‘Scrumpy Rap’ is a collection of eleven tracks with a bonus track that is thirty minute studio mix which has been mastered by Untapped Talent Studios. This mixtape features Matty C, Stan Doubt, DK, Verbal Skillz, Mr.E, Dubside and Yozi Mac with production from Nuttkase, The Passion Hi-Fi, Blanka, NEUS, Astrum, AZ Productions, Asi-C, Thesecession and Neptix. If you love UK Hip-Hop then make sure you check out this up and coming talented rapper, you won’t be disappointed.

Sketchamus – Scrumpy Rap (Track-list):

01. House Of Mystery (Produced by Nuttkase)
02. Intellect’s Dialect feat. Matty C & Rapulsive (Produced by The Passion Hi-Fi)
03. No Escape (Produced by Blanka)
04. Subconscious (2012) (Produced by NEUS)
05. Wake Up! (Produced by Astrum)
06. Phantom (Produced by AZ Productions)
07. The Steel Finger (Produced by Asi-C)
08. Subconscious II (Produced by thesecession)
09. Betrayal feat. Stan Doubt, DK, Verbal Skillz, Mr.E, Dubside & Yozi Mac (Produced by The Passion Hi-Fi)
10. I Don’t Know (Produced by Neptix)
11. The Flow Definition (Entry for R.A. The Rugged Man’s Definition Of A Rap Flow Contest)
12. BONUS TRACK – The ‘Bar’barian Mix

Download link:

Connect with Sketchamus:

Check these videos:

Sketchamus – Intellect’s Dialect

Sketchamus – House Of Mystery Verse (Living Room Session)

Sketchamus – 16 Bar Challenge 2014


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