Brooklyn’s Devine Drops Visuals for “I’m Back”/”It’z War” | ‘Ghetto Rhmyin’ LP Drops Next Tuesday (11/04)!!

Nobody out there is a saint. We’ve made mistakes, sometimes hurting others in the process, but we refuse to let our history dictate our future. In the moments leading up to his incarceration, Divine’s past choices may have fooled him into thinking it was his only path, but like a blessing in disguise, he got knowledge behind those bars and did not waste a single moment upon his release. “I’m Back,” both as a track describing his new found freedom and his return to the grind of the music game, features the East Coast phenom telling his fans, haters and critics that “the God is back.”

Whereas other rappers are playing checkers with their careers, Divine is playing chess and anticipating his competitor’s moves before they even see them coming. Set on the bustling streets of Brooklyn, the video is a day in the life of the lyrical monster, as we’re treated with breathtaking scenes of his hood, and nearby surroundings. All of these events shape up to a series of shots showing Divine putting in that work in the studio. And just as things reach a peak, we get a preview of “It’z War,” as the video comes to a close. Both tracks are featured on Divine’s Ghetto Rhymin’ LP, which drops next Tuesday, and is now available for pre-order via iTunes and Fat Beats. If you’re fiending for some traditional NYC lyricism, then look no further!


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