Funkghost – Caviar Taste | Album

Grand Extravagant Entertainment released the full length LP by Funkghost entitled “Caviar Taste”. The 13 Song LP is now available for digital download on all major digital outlets. Showcasing Funkghost’s witty braggadocio lyrics, slick arrangements, and deliciously plush production, “Caviar Taste”offers a mixture of Rap/Hip-Hop/Soul/Funk/R&B/Gospel/Electro/Trap reverberations. Funkghost manages to push creative boundaries while at the same time keeping it accessible and effectively delivers a smash LP.

“Calling to mind a bit of Kanye, only with less passive-aggressive megalomania, “Caviar Taste” is smart, fun, accessible, original, quirky, and possessed of an irresistible melodic structure. It’s got biting cred, ass-shaking grooves, but is also the kind of idiosyncratic thing fans of recent envelope-pushing peers like Pharrell, and the aforementioned Luis Vuitton Don will take to immediately” – Colin Kincaid – REAX Magazine

“Caviar Taste” boasts a wide range of musical influences ranging from French electronic music Duo Daft Punk, Japanese vocal/Hip-hop/instrumental group TAMAONSEN, The late Jazz composer/pianist Weldon Irvine, Kanye West, and Marvin Gaye to name a few. “I wanted the album’s overall feel to reflect my personal tastes and opinions” insists Funkghost. The album’s subject matter explores consumer and pop culture, race, religion, relationships, and personal life assessment.

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The Hip-Hop Artist/Producer/Arranger/Songwriter known as Funkghost has remained somewhat of an enigma. A bonafide Tampa street legend, This Artist’s body of work has influenced a generation of dj’s/producers/rappers/singers from his region. In addition, the music has laid the foundation of Central Florida hip-hop.

His first album, The Cult Classic Debut LP entitled “Ultra-Boogie Highlife” remains a hard to find gem. Funkghost’s latest offering “Caviar Taste” shows his growth as a complete artist.

Compared to Kanye West, because of his multi-talented skill set, “Caviar Taste” is definitely sure to be heating up the Rap/Hip Hop/Urban/AC and Rhythmic charts. For more information on Funkghost, visit


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