Plain & Simple – Welcome To Plainsville #EP (Review) @PlainandSimple6 @ParkStreetPR

Welcome To Plainsville is the new release from Birmingham rapper Plain & Simple who is part of a crew called No Ego and is also known as a battle rapper. To me that kind of makes sense as there is a heavy influence from Eminem here, both in lyrical approach and even down to the artwork. Thats not actually a bad comment, considering Em’ is the only hip-hop artist to have an album in the top 100 selling albums of all time.

He has his own sound though, don’t get it twisted and this EP is very diverse as tracks like ‘Selfish’ point to an act who can create deeper songs while ‘Mixed Emotions’ shows you why you shouldn’t sleep on him. There is a good balance of songs here and have played this release more than once, which these days doesn’t happen very often. Great EP from a rapper to look out for and if you like quality homegrown hip-hop then this is for you.

Download link:

Connect with Plain & Simple:

Scott Patterson


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