Tommy Oliver ‘Champagne Nights’ #EP #Review #RnB #Soul @TommyOliverWV @ParkStreetPR

tommy oliver 500

Every so often I come across an EP so good is probably best described as a musical masterpiece of work that contains some pretty dope moments. Tommy Oliver’s debut EP is one of those moments, one of those moments where you think I’m chilling with my girl and I want some audio or I’m going to a club tonight and I’m going to get me a hot chick and i want some audio. Its next level in a way that it’s sincere and something real from the heart.

Tracks such as the title track Champagne Nights show a skill to make tracks with crossover potential whereas Selfish show he can get down on an acoustic verse. Circles along with Hometown featuring Didge are the EP’s highlights, great song structures with a good look back at R&B greats with a vision to keep it new and fresh. Features come from Plain And Simple, K-NiNE , Didge, Jae Sosa & Soloman Gehazi and weather you are into R&B, soul , acoustic or hip-hop there should be something here that rocks your boat.

Review by Scott Patterson


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