D7 – Dimension 7 (Mixtape Review) @RemnantMuzic @ParkStreetPR


Right straight to business here with the new mixtape release from London artist D7, a formidable MC and producer, and one of brightest rising talents in the UK’s new wave of underground boom bap. After drawing the attention with a string of solid outings D7 now comes different as his Remnant Music brand begins to step up pace.

D7 is a name that fans of artists like Talia Kwela, Moss Def, Common and J-Live will adore, his sound and lyrical style is ‘new true school’, a look at the 1990’s era but with a 2014 fee. His delivery is similar to most of the great UK rappers but his lyrical content is along the lines of intelligent, educated, confident, and socially conscious.

He has a flare, a style and a swagger just like his label mate Soloman Gehazi, and after copping this mix I now know there’s no doubting that D7 can bring it. His lyrics are clever, and he does shit with meter and rhyming patterns that are simply mind-blowing for any real Hip-Hop fan! ‘Dimension 7’ is such a good release; I really hope people don’t sleep on it. Grab it now from the link below.

D7 – Dimension 7 (Track-list):

01. Dimension 7 01:45
02. Stay Focused FT. Soloman Gehazi & Tommy Oliver 03:11
03. Catacombs FT. Washington 02:41
04. Real talk 02:45
05. The Balance 02:49
06. I see the way FT. Washington 03:29
07. State of mind FT. Soloman Gehazi 02:58
08. Dig deeper 02:58
09. My Peoples 02:54
10. Fall back FT. Washington 02:58
11. This is how F.T Soloman Gehazi 02:50
12. I know FT. Soloman Gehazi 02:52

Download link:

Connect with D7:

Review by Scott Patterson


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