Gee Bag – Show & Tell (Prod. by @DownstrokeBeats) Review & Videos @GeeBagular @ParkStreetPR

Gee Bag - Show & Tell - 500

UK Hip-Hop fans can be fickle sometimes, they never seem happy and apart from a few of the ‘older’ acts, its real hard for newer emcees to have a long career. Geebag is one emcee that seems to have been around for a while but survived well, probably due to his music having a shelf life longer than a week! Okay, being honest he isn’t the most consistent artist in the UK, but sometimes quality over quantity is a good thing.

Geebag with his distinct Lahndahn swagger, is very musical likable, he’s more of a geezer you’d meet down the pub or maybe in the bookies. His humble and down to earth approach makes it quite easily relatable, and the fact his can bar better than most emcee’s and comes up with great concepts is also a main factor to my love of this long player. Its a solid Great British banger and something you need to download now.

Gee Bag – Show & Tell (Prod. by Downstroke Beats) Track-list:

01. Show And Tell (Intro) 02:51
02. Easy 03:52
03. Let It Be 04:35
04. Rock On 02:25
05. Toast of the Cronx Feat. Oliver Sudden & Big Toast 03:12
06. Overload 04:14
07. Stun Gun Feat. Tenchoo 05:04
08. Battersea Bridge 01:43
09. Feel Free 03:45
10. Lyrical Digest 02:46
11. Gee Baggy 04:18
12. White Boys 03:54
13. Two To The Three 03:02
14. Stones Throw 04:18

Download link:

Connect with Geebag:

Connect with Downstroke Beats:

Gee Bag – Lyrical Digest #Video

Gee Bag – Stones Throw #Video

Gee Bag – Rock On #Video


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