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aaaaaaaaaa hazzz

North London’s Conrad Browne aka Hazzardus Conscept has been rapping since 2001. Starting out just rhyming with his friends he soon started to develop his talent and working towards perfecting his art. In late 2006 he started to hit open mics, where the UK Hip Hop scene gives birth to a lot of its artists, he quickly built up his network and reputation as a hardworking artist on a musical quest.

The album ‘Love And War’ will be the debut album from Hazzardus Conscept. The album is a sentimental release prescribing the listener a personal insight into Hazzardus Conscept’s character as a whole. The inspiration behind his material is based on his own life experiences including a spiritual encounter which had a transitional effect on his life.

The main focus of Hazzardus Conscept ‘s album is to inspire the hearts and minds of his listeners. The album will be a independent release and a long awaited chapter in his life. As a gift to his fans, Hazzardus Conscept will give away a debut Mixtape to celebrate his stand on the scene following ‘Love and War’.

The open ended concept behind Love and War leaves the perfect invitation for a second project. Hazzardus Conscept has marked his place amongst the UK Scene by featuring on the People’s Army Mixtape in 2013 and collaborating with other talented conscious artists. He has now ready to stand strong and prove his success to himself, not just others. Hazzardus Conscept’s art reflects his life taking an extreme pride to ensure that his growth both spiritually and mentally is a inspiration to others and that anyone can evolve for the greater good. He considers the lessons he has learnt a gift which he values and wants to share through his writing and music.

This is a Hip Hop artist to look out for, sharing his music to his fans with the greatest intentions. Hazzardus Conscept is the new man on the scene.

Hazzardus Conscept – S.O.S. #Video

Hazzardus Conscept Feat. Filfy – Pen And Sword #Video

Hazzardus Conscept – I Speak The Truth #Video

Hazzardus Conscept – Turn Back Time #Video

Hazzardus Conscept – Love & War (Track-list):
01 – Reverse the Spell
02 – Speak the Truth
03 – Unfinished Buisiness
04 – Life’s a Bitch
05 – I Lust You
06 – Purpose of Life
07 – Can’t Turn Back Time
08 – Walk in My Shoes (feat. Kingpin)
09 – C U Cry
10 – Tears of a Clown
11 – Tough Love
12 – S.O.S.
13 – Pen & Sword (feat. Filfy)
14 – A Lot Can Happen in a Flash
15 – Mental Martial Arts (feat. Tenchoo)
16 – Face of Adversity
17 – Scapegoat

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