TSK ‘Average Rapper Syndrome’ (Rhyme Pad Records) #Album #Review @Rhymepad @ParkStreetPR


The chaos of the world can be a somewhat stressful place. It’s always made easier when we get a good album to review by an emcee that actually says stuff. If you into that UK rap plap that clogs up You Tube then stop reading, this album isn’t for you, because this is real Hip-Hop music with a message.

This album holds your attention from start to finish because of the thoughtful and deep conscious lyrics, but then the compliment is the music, solid production all throughout mostly from UK legend Micall Parknsun who used to be on Jehst’s YNR label, offers a perfect background to TSK’s apocalyptic poetry.

Truly I could go on and quote every song, but there is so much to read and understand here, I just recommend that you go and check it for yourself. It’s bubblegum free, fuckery free boom bap and really impresses. It’s so rare in 2015 to find an album that has that integrity from start to finish, even rarer to find it also entertaining and above all it doesn’t contradict itself. This is a really good breath of fresh air.

TSK – Average Rapper Syndrome (Track-list):

01. Bottle In The Bath (Prod. by Marlon)
02. Wise Up Feat. Micall Parknsun (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
03. Average Rapper Feat. Tone (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
04. Dirty Habits Feat. Diddy Koi (Prod. by Pro P)
05. Meant2Be (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
06. Freezing Feat Ghette (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
07. Uncle Eddy (Prod. by Ill Thought)
08. Come Home (Prod. by Marlon)
09. Life Inna Feat. Klashnekoff, Deadly Hunta & Si Phili (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
10. Filipino Chick (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
11. Food (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)
12. Finer Thread Feat. Shadowstar (Prod. by Huphy)
13. Blacksmith (Prod. by Marlon)
14. February (Prod. by Micall Parknsun)

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