Martainn ‘Insane’ #Single @MartainnUK @ParkStreetPR

Hot on the heels of ‘UK Roads’ featuring Flamez, his last video and single, Martainn is back with another slice of home-grown urban fire. The buzz on this Manchester artist is really beginning to build and with this single he once again shows his diversity. This is something that is smooth, something to see the summer in with a vibration. Here he goes on a deeper one talking on the difficulties of a relationship when you’re strung out in love but your other half drives you ‘Insane’.

Theo ‘Martainn’ Brown (born May 27, 1992), better known by his stage name Martainn, is a British artist/songwriter from Manchester who first received recognition in 2011 with a mixtape and string on videos. On a journey to make the best possible music he can to give to the people of the world, his positive outlook is destined to inspire, entertain and provoke thought into his listeners.

For those that might have missed it please check out his last music video ‘UK Roads’ featuring Flamez.

Martainn – UK Roads Ft. Flamez #Video

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