Philly’s Louie V Gutta Drops New Single, “Pull Up” (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Never doubt your hustle. If you keep quiet, put your head down and do the work, nothing else matters, especially around those who claim to be friends. If you ever needed an example of a ruthless work ethic, look no further than Louie V Gutta. He could’ve been just another rapper on the grind, but his perseverance allowed him to make some big moves alongside Meek Mill.

Gutta’s efforts allowed him to craft a few hooks on the Maybach Music Group compilation Self Made Vol. 3 as well as “Kilo,” “Young and Gettin It” and “Rich and Famous” from Meek’s debut LP, Dreams and Nightmares. Although Gutta isn’t affiliated with Meek these days, he hasn’t led his newly found independence stop him from making hits. Joined by fellow Philly rhymer, Lil Uzi Vert, “Pull Up” is the joint to turn up to whether you’re in the the whip, or up in the club.

Gutta’s got a knack for making catchy hooks and it shows in this release. Lyrically, Gutta is untouchable, while Vert shows and prove on both his raps, and singing. “Pull Up” is now available for free download, courtesy of Buygore.

Scott P


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