Novar FLIP – The Hooligan’s Back #EP #Video @NovarFLIP @FlipLifeTV @ParkStreetPR


Novar FLIP – The Hooligan’s Back #EP

The artist formerly known as Supar Novar delivers his first release under the new name Novar FLIP with ‘The Hooligan’s Back EP’. Work on the project began with the title track being recorded to feature in the movie ‘White Collar Hooligan 3’, also know as ‘Meet The Firm: Revenge In Rio’. After successfully recording the theme song to ‘White Collar Hooligan 2’, Novar was asked to return with new music for the following film and this time around the music has inspired an official release in the form of a full EP. With production from Danny Bones and Dead Man Walkn the project reflects a London street sound, with emotional backdrops and straight up bangers that perfectly complement the vocal themes of family, loyalty and the highs and lows of life as a Hip-Hop artist in the UK. The EP kicks off with an epic intro, breaking down parts of Novar’s journey so far, from the struggles of his early days in music, to the story of his public fall out with Professor Green told for the first time.

Novar is a veteran in the UK Hip-hop scene. He is an award winning solo artist and was also a member of The Mud Family along side Skinnyman, Chester P and more. He has been labelled as a UK legend by SBTV, and worked with some of the most respected underground artists, to some of the biggest names in urban music. Past collaborators include Dappy, Foreign Beggars, Ed Skein, Charlie Sloth, Doc Brown, English Frank, Neon Hitch and many more. Novar has managed to stay relevant in UK music through generations of artists and sounds that have arrived since the beginning of his career. His most recent single, the Show N Prove produced ‘Respect Me’, received regular air play on BBC Radio One and was featured in Charlie Sloth’s ‘Hood Heat’ chart.

The Hooligans Back EP also marks the launch of Flip Life Records as an official label and movement. Look out for releases in the near future from Big Ben, Ragz Sweet Jones, Yaeo, Danny Bones, Barry Knight and more.

‘This is a future classic’
‘A straight-up UK anthem’
‘Quality from start to finish’

Novar FLIP – The Hooligan’s Back (Track-list):
01 – Intro (To Be Continued) (Prod. by Dead Man Walkn)
02 – The Hooligans Back (Prod. by Danny Bones)
03 – Boss Of Who? (Prod. by Dead Man Walkn)
04 – We’re Soldiers (Prod. by Dead Man Walkn)
05 – The Streets Know My Name (Prod. by Dead Man Walkn)
06 – Don’t Cry Feat. Danny Bones (Prod. by Danny Bones)

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Connect with Flip Life Records:


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