PRO ERA member CJ Fly is a 21 year old emcee with a dedicated vision and intellect that emulates some of the great rappers of the 90’s. Channeling his reggae-influenced beginnings, NAS’ gift for narration, Tribe’s swing and flow, Jay-Z’s confidence and Biggie’s pride for bed-stuy, CJ has managed to create a style of his own.

Being raised by his Jamaican father and Bajan mother as an only child , CJ quickly learned how to rely on himself for drive and inspiration. He began writing his own poetry in the fourth grade and by the 7th grade he was rapping.

After the release of Pro Era’s The Secc$ tape in 2012, CJ featured on and A&R’d Joey’s first solo mix tape , 1999 alongside Jonny Shipes. CJ began receiving his own recognition from his reputable storytelling on tracks like “Hardknock” and “Dont Front”.

One of the most exciting prospects in the game right now do not miss his first ever solo London show at The Jazz Café.

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