David Banner: We’re Breeding a Generation of Spineless Zombies

When asked about Chet Haze using the n-word and Joell Ortiz’s response to it, rapper David Banner didn’t want to “comment on what another man is doing because it’s ‘female-like.'” With that being said, the public speaker did say that White people should refrain from saying it around him or “you might have some problems – physically.”

The question about Chet sparked a deep conversation on Black culture between Vlad and David. “Black people, we have ok’ed everything down to a point where our culture is gone,” David Banner believes. “That’s whats wrong with hip-hop. Hip-Hop don’t have no f****** rules no more,” and as a result, “our neighborhoods are out of control now.”

Press play to hear David’s thoughts on breeding plantations, how today’s society is “breeding a generation of spineless f****** zombies,” and why there’s nowhere any Black person can go to escape White supremacy in this special exclusive.

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