Trademark Blud ‘Blud On The Brain EP’ (Review) @TrademarkBlud @Rediculus @PlatformzMusic @ParkStreetPR


Wordplay, flows and character have be ingrained into the UK’s Hip Hop scene since its conception, and here is a name to look for as he has all those skills and much more. His name is rapidly becoming q a household one purely on the strength of his work ethic along. This EP is very different to his mixtape ‘Tricks Of Trade’ is that it is a lot more song based.

Taking on topics of the grimier side of inner UK life, he brings an original style and a new lease of life into the UK scene with some adventurous tracks. From tales of crack heads, to a song based around the 1993 killing of Jamie Bulger, Trademark is an emcee who isn’t scared to be different or scratch the normal limits of rap music. This is a good thing, this is how the genre moves forward…

The way he expresses reality is so visual, its poetic imagery from a keen observational mind. To be real, I thought the mixtape was dope, but this EP is next level. The production from Rediculus is very musical and Boom Bap inspired. Lyrically, delivery wise and, most obviously, conceptually, he’s set the pace. This is definitely a good addition to the Platformz USA roster and truly has delivered a corker for the first UK release on the label.

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Review by Scott Patterson


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