Cold 187um On Terry Carter Death: Suge Didn’t Need to Be There

In the midst of Suge Knight’s murder trial, producer and rapper Cold 187um takes a look back at his past and explains how the former record executive “got consumed with who he thought he was supposed to be, and forgot who he actually was.”

Big Hutch says Suge’s depiction in the N.W.A. biopic “Straight Outta Compton” wasn’t really that far-fetched, being that everyone who knows of him even a little bit is aware of his violent ways and can agree that “he looked like him” in the film. “Like when a guy gets beat up for the parking space, that’s not far from who Suge is,” he rationalizes. “So, what are you gonna say? That’s not really far from who you are…”

The Above the Law artist does admit Suge “comes from a good place in his heart,” calling him a “pleasant” guy to be around when he wasn’t taking his infamous hands-on approach. Watch as Cold 187um speaks on the day Terry Carter was killed, and why Suge Knight “didn’t even need to be there” in our latest clip.

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