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With the first chant of “Oi Blud!!!” you can tell that Trademark Blud isn’t taking and prisoners on his latest single “PMA” off his Rediculus produced Platformz debt “Blud on the Brain”. Spitting bars that instill his visions of social rights and wrongs, Trademark Blud rides the track from Rediculus with an aggression that drips of the anger and pain he has endured on his journey to get his music out to the world. Whether he’s talking about what qualifies as success or he’s talking about how society breeds people who are never satisfied, Trademark brings honesty to his lyrics that few can match. He’s not pulling and punches and he’s not hiding anything he feels. All he needs is his life and his fam. 1Love.

Original blog post:

‘One seriously solid release’
‘Concepts that are unique’
‘Really creative and original’
‘Dope beats with tight rhymes’
‘Outstanding superb Hip-Hop realness’
‘An emcee who isn’t scared to be different’
‘An eight-tracker that you need in your collection’

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