Future Hero Kids – NATIVE @imnotmars @thekennethdeezy


After working on this project for over a year, Future Heroes, one of Denver, Colorado’s premier up and coming hip-hop acts is pleased to announce the release of their debut album, ‘NATIVE’ this Friday, 9/26.

Featuring Mars & Ken Deezy on vocals, and Ken Deezy on production, the album intertwines dope break-beats and flavorful wordplay with hard hitting hats and EDM synths to create a genre-bending classic that explores where the old school meets the new. From the first track to the last, the album features an eclectic style and versatility that embodies contemporary hip-hop, all while paying heed to the true grit and rugged style of where the genre originated. ‘NATIVE’ is a sneak peak into where the boundaries of rap and EDM music can be pushed; a body of work that expands where the lines of genre and style are drawn.


Future Heroes pull from a variety of inspirations to create their dynamic music. All original and sample-based production draws influences ranging from classic hip-hop of the early 90’s to the hard hitting EDM synths and trap drum rhythms of today’s stars.

This innovative style of production mixed with Future Heroes’ high energy live performance separate them from other rap and production acts moving up the ranks in the industry. Check out ‘NATIVE’ and download for FREE at


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