Mic Righteous – Fire in the booth PART 2

First up big up to Charlie Sloth, credit where credits due, he does put the best rappers on for his fire in the booth so they are worth checking out. Anyway I overlooked this video for about a week assuming it was the first video that I have already watched, so when I finally found out it was new, I knew I had to watch it. I was slightly disappointed for about 40 seconds because I weren’t really listening so REWIIIIIND, then I was impressed, the first few verses are deep and self reflecting I get the impression that he is really struggling with being “Righteous” and calling himself this, it`s a big name to live up to particularly as he is serious about it and it`s not a sarcastic ironic name, listen to the “sorry” bars they are sick.

Sloth fair play to him has the sense to be quiet over the bars as well which is appreciated, I`m not gonna analysis the lyrics as I would be here all day. Mic Righteous does his fans proud with this FITB, from about 6 mins in, it goes over hard and he goes “super in” but it`s from 11 mins when it gets to next level, he starts with an old bar “wats that, bare talk” then bursts in to what I can only describe as immaculate, perfect and amazingly technical wordplay, delivery and flow cementing Microphone Rightman as easily one of the best rappers to come out of this country, in my humble opinion one of the most interesting content wise and best technically in (can I say it… yeah what the hell) world.  Check all the FITB`s out but especially Mic Righteous`s both parts. Gas Mark 9. Burnt.

Written By Karl Adams


Prince EA – Backwards Rappers

Prince EA Backwards Rappers

Hmmm, Let me see, This tune is kind of average with talk of the average crap so lets pre heat the oven about gas mark 4, remy, the hennessy an trap but wait there…. this song is actually very good and clever. A lot of rappers have done this sort of thing before, very well may I add but this one is different, well executed and original although it is not an original concept, if that makes sense. I can`t say too much or it will spoil it for you. I think you just need to listen and I`ll stop gassin. Gas Mark 8.



Hello people and welcome to my new review article “The Gas Man Report” each week I will be giving you pure gas on some of the tracks I have come across. Also I will be bringing you some interviews from rappers and producers and letting you know who and whats hot. Oh and some of the tracks I will be reviewing might be slightly old I know but they will only be there (motor) cah I feel like they have gone unnoticed and need bringing back up.    Just to let you know the sort of music I like is proper stuff anything with passion or dedication behind it, anything thats (without being cliche) REAL, anything that undeniably sounds good and i’m not too into trends thats not to say if a new trend comes along I wont like it, i’m just saying I wont follow something just because its cool now.

So anyway this is my debut article and I have come across two gems from the UK underground scene. Supar Novar “Here I am” and UK Runnings Presents The Play Money Clothing Mixtape (Hosted by Tricksta)   First up then is North London MC Supar Novar once a member of legendary hip hop crew MUD Family (skinnymans crew) this guy has shared stages with Ghost face, M.O.P, The Clipse and DJ Premiere so if that tells you anything… This guy seems like a very hard grafter and the albums a well made piece of work with some interesting collabs on it including Dappy from N-Dubz and whatever your opinion is of Dappy you can’t deny the guy knows how to write catchy and popular songs and on the track “why is it” he has done what he does best and with the other guest rappers on the track makes it very memorable. There are lots of different producers as well on this album and you can tell, but they have still managed to keep a uniform sound. As I type this review Im about 4 or 5 tracks in and without listening to the rest i’m pretty confident I can say that this is a very slick album from a hard working consistent rapper who seems to know what he is talking about. PS. Two more tracks in – Gas Mark 6

http://www.suparnovar.com   http://www.suparnovar.com/p/free-downloads.html   http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/no-favours/id452018158

Next up on the agenda is the Tricksta Play Money mixtape and first impressions I love it, luuurve it, straight off the bat one of my favourite rappers Big Narstie kicks it off over a gully beat, and looking at the playlist it looks like its only gonna get better this has some brilliant features on it e.g Little Dee, Dutty Deeze and Loudmouth Melvin but thats what I love about these various mixtapes you might not know all the rappers featured but when you have finished listening you end up with several new favourite mcs. The production on this is like a coat on the floor, off the hizzy. its no joke this album is what hip hops about, so far I have heard no mediocracy everyones playing there part well, I cant seem to find out who the producers are though which is a shame because the production is tight and very dark but in a good way just how I like it. You can tell this is proper hip hop because you can hear lots of different influences in it from East and West coast, big dirty south sound and that vinyl junkie sound. I like this mixtape a lot and if you was looking a various artists mixtape I don’t think you would be disappointed with this, well not if your in to real hip hop anyway in fact NO I would call this RAP music – Gas Mark 8

http://www.ukrunnings.co.uk/   http://www.downloadamixtape.com/?page_id=195&mixtape_id=2654

Advice for the …

Advice for the aspiring fake rapper

Nowadays it’s so hard to get by, becoming a rapper seems the only option that we have to claw our way out of poverty, so what better way to do it than just imitating the swag of the professionals, you don’t have to copy everything they do just make sure you get the clothes, poses and the things they say down and we should be good to go, you don’t have to copy their work ethic though, nooo-fuck that!!, why would you? The whole point of becoming a rapper is so you don’t have to work, isn’t it??

In this feature I’ll be telling you the quickest and easiest way to achieving your dream so you can start “getting it in”. Ok so first step make sure you have absolutely no knowledge about the history of rap music, become unfamiliar with names like Sugar hill Gang, Kool G Rap, Wu Tang and Easy E, really the list goes on, forget it, actually a good tip is to act surprised when someone tells you that Ice Cube used to be a rapper, respond with “really that guy from Triple X”.

Now we are going to need a rap name, the more simple the better, try taking the first letter of your name e.g. Paul would be P and add a lil` at the start (lil` means little) so now Paul becomes Lil` P, for extra punch try adding your last name as well, so Paul Ness would now be Lil` P Ness. Next we need some clothes, some “Swag”, try going for something way out of your price range, also try to spend a lot of money on irrelevant things like socks and belts, never think for yourself though, just because you think it looks good doesn`t mean a thing, best thing to do is look at your screen and ask yourself “are they wearing this?”.

Congratulations you now have “Swag” now you need some poses, a couple of my favourite and ones I find to be used quite often are the legendary V sign held by your chest, this is to be used in every photo opportunity, and the Eagle Stance this involves spreading each arm gently and smoothly out like a bird, you can also play about with this pose, for example turn your head to the side or even try doing it with your back to the camera, oh I forgot this one’s good too you will need a friend though, first of all stand facing camera with your crew behind you, with your legs slightly bent forwards now move as if your tilting backwards almost falling backwards, now as you do this get a friend to pinch the top of your shoulder cloth and pull it up. You will also need to throw gang signs, this will let people know that you can make signals without noise and most importantly let people know that you live in an area. To make this type of gesture simply make your hands in to the shape of letters, main thing to remember about posing though is to have no knowledge or interest about the origins or meanings of the gestures you are using.

Now you have got your Swag straight, we need to think of some words you can use in your lyrics, I find the best way is to make a list of words you hear in your favourite songs, I’ll start you of ,on dis ting, swagger, luie, Armani, Lamborghini, four five, all day, right derr, got my money right, go hard, haters be hating, in the trap, Remy, Hennessey, shorty lookin real good and one of my favourites we do this, these are just some that I have copied but there are lots more to choose from.

Now all we have to do is put them in to a song but don’t get to worked up about this as it’s the least important bit, my advice is to go for basic rhyme structures and one syllable rhyming schemes for example “I like my hair, are you a bear?”, actually a more easier technique is to place the description and rhyming word after the sentence, this technique seems pretty popular at the moment and is used in lots of songs for example “I’m cool like running’s, bobsled, but I’m also a bit of a dick, nobhead.” See it’s easy, now go and make a million over night.

Next time inside industry tips for the advanced fake rapper.