Scott Patterson – CEO & Editor
Been supporting and writing about Hip-Hop Music and Culture for the last three years writing for numerous blogs and sites including the well-respected based in Scotland. Founded on 1st Feb 2012 as another platform to promote quality Hip-Hop.

Tricksta – Writer, Contributor
Co-Editor of and founder of mixtape series and Hip-Hop promotion company Park Street Promtions , Tricksta has supported Hip-Hop since he started DJ’ing in 1989. Worked in his local record store for five years and also runs Wolftown Recordings as well as a producer for various UK acts and an artist/producer in his own right.

Ruairi Hartigan – Writer, Contributor
Editor and founder of the well respected Hip-Hop Blog Ruari also runs First Son Records home to artists such as Freedom Of Press and Tenchoo, as well as being involved with various events and being an ambassador for Irish Hip-Hop.

Karl Adams – Writer, Contributor
Writer of our new weekly Hip-Hop Mafia round-up and article “The Gas Man Report” as well as reviewing all the latest UK Hip-Hop releases. Karl has been writing, producing, DJ’ing and listening to Hip-Hop music for over fifteen years and as an all round music enthusiast, he sights Hip-Hop and Rap as his first love and is passionate about the independent UK Hip Hop scene.

Stix – Writer, Contributor
As the main writer for Stand Up UK, Stixx soon made a name for himself as one of the UK’s most passionate bloggers and last year he launched his own website Hip-Hop Life And Times which is now one of the leading blogs for UK & US independent Hip-Hop. As a true supporter Stixx will be publishing various news from the scene.

Aimee – Writer, Contributor
Originally from a graffiti background, Aimee began writing for Stand Up UK as a regular contributor, before she moved with Stix to Hip-Hop Life And Times and became a full-time staff writer. She’s now also in the process of setting up a local Bristol-based promo company called 5 Elements Promotions, that will incorporate all the 5 elements of hip-hop into grass roots shows.


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