Ricky Lix & Meezy ’28 days’ #Album #Review

28 days cover pic

The UK hip-hop scene is on fire at the moment with loads of indie artists successfully carrying the patina of UK hip-hop’s golden-age while continuing to break new ground stylistically. Fans of Jehst, Task Force, High Focus, and more will really feel this sixteen track album by East Anglian artists Ricky Lix & Meezy. The pure versatility of expression and seamless ability to take everyday scenarios and turn them into great songs is something the greats do. This is that evident here, as tales from the road get mixed with social commentary from the self confessed under achievers. A polished soundtrack of funk fuelled boom-bap laced beats impressed with stomping drum beats with some jazz and soul-infused old-school flavours looping up wonderfully. The creative output on this album is immense in style due to the lyrics flowing and painting gritty urban tales. This is a top notch album and the creative vision and stylistic slant of each track is superb, and this proves to be a real masterstroke. So many underground acts deserve to be mentioned among UK hip-hop’s greats and this duo are one of them. Well recommended.

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Ricky Lix & Meezy – Alien Attack

Ricky Lix & Meezy – Rainbows

Music Lessons – Cypher

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